March 12, 2010, 5:33 am

Yup! Buying Green Panda Treehouse!

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Make Money Online
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When I was a kid, I loved to write. At school, I had won writing competitions. Not because I know my grammar or for the use of long and incomprehensible words but because of my creativity. I remember getting 100% for one of my compositions and then, after losing marks for grammar mistakes, ending up with 71%…

When I was a kid, I always wanted to write for a living. I thought it would be cool to sit down and start writing on a sheet of paper (didn’t have a cool laptop back then 😉 ). However, the capitalism part of me knew back then it was nearly impossible for me to live well from writing stories.

Especially because my mother-tongue is French, the book market is very small in Quebec and obviously saturated. Most writers barely make enough to keep writing their whole lives and the “stars” already own the market.

So, I decided to use my creativity elsewhere; I completed a bachelor degree in marketing ;-). And now, while I still don’t live from my writing skills yet, I feel that my childhood dream could become a reality.

Last week, I announced that we were buying another blog and that we were finalizing the transaction. Well the whole deal is now done and we now are the happy owners of Green Panda Treehouse !

Buying another blog, what for? Do you really have something else to say about personal finance?

Why buy another PF blog? Simply because it is a niche, a business model that we know and we get to master. I do not pretend that I know how to manage PF blogs and make the most money out of it (there are tons of bloggers who are better at this than I ). Yet, I know enough about the market to evaluate a blog and tell if I can make money from it or not.

Since buying Gather Little by Little Continues to be a great success for us, we were quite happy to make another purchase in short order. We were able to do it because we are reinvesting most of our profits back into the business so we can pay off our debt and work on other projects sooner. If there is one piece of advice that I can give, it would be to reinvest as much money as possible at the beginning of your entrepreneurial adventure. This has been by far my best investment ever!

Why Green Panda?

What I really like about personal finance blogging is the great number of niche markets served. You can specialize in credit vehicles, investments, frugality, student personal finance, personal finance in general, etc. For each niche, there is so much litterature available  and are many more books to be written.

Green Panda is personal finance aimed at people in their 20s. When you are still in college or you have just graduated, you are about to enter the most important phase of your personal finance. You will learn everything about credit, investments, frugality, insurance, etc. This is where most people make their best or worst moves. While you can get burned by your credit card abuse, you can also make your best moves by saving and buying a rental property early.

At times The Financial Blogger talks about a little bit more advanced concepts, I felt it would be great to get back to basics and share my own personal experience from when I was younger. This is definitely a great niche!

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If you are interested in participating, just take a look at Green Panda Treehouse and sign-up for the giveaway! Entry ends on Thursday, March 18th!

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Good move Mike! It’s great to hear that you keep hustling so hard while making sure you follow your passion. It is both a wise move and a smart one.

Keep going bro!

Congratulations. You’re a Mogul!

Wow, you are ready to take over the world. I just hope you are not overextending yourself in terms of finances, and time it takes to create and update content.

Other than that if you buy another blog, you might have to start hiring writers 😉

@CR, I am a wanna be Mogul still!

@ DGI, what you don’t know is that you are next on my list! hehehe!

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Hey TFB,
Congrats on your acquisition of Green Panda Treehouse! It’s great to see someone as active as you in the PF blogosphere.

You’re also doing a great job at honing your writing skills – keep up the great work. My mother tongue is english but i also speak and write french, and I would surely find it more challenging writing in french. Great stuff!

The Rat

@The Rat,
Thx for your support. Not many people can appreciate what it means to write in a second language on a daily basis!

I was surprised when you bought Gather Little by Little. But now Green Panda? I had no idea they were considering selling the site. Cool beans for you. 😀

Good stuff! I know Laura. Hope it was a win win!

You’ll have to provide us more valuation details!

Wow, nice job!! You’re thinking very strategically. I’ll have to talk to you in more detail at some point about it!

Et afin d’etre une bonne amie j’ai pense je devrais vous donner un petit remarque en français aussi. (OK, c’est simplement le fait que j’ai besoin des occasions ecrire en français.) Je ne suis pas si bon que vous en anglais, cependant! Félicitations!

I am with Sam, I’d love to hear about some valuations. Congrats on building your empire

by: The Financial Blogger | March 16th, 2010 (4:20 am)

@ MoneyEnergy,
Très belle qualité de français, bravo!
Tu peux m’envoyer un mail à thefinancialblogger(at)gmail(dot)com

au plaisir!

by: The Financial Blogger | March 16th, 2010 (4:29 am)

@Financial Samurai,
Sorry man, confidential information 😉

all I can say is that negotiations went pretty smooth!