January 30, 2012, 5:00 am

I Don’t Care What You Do, You Need a Newsletter

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Do you want to know how to close a $1,9M deal at work?


Do you want to know how to make $463 with 15 minutes of work?


Do you want to know how to connect with more than 6,000 individuals in a single minute?


This is all possible if you have a newsletter!


Only 7 months ago, I couldn’t see this as a really good idea… all right: I’ll be truly honest; I thought it was just more work added to my routine. And I also thought that it was on the edge of being a stupid idea. Yup, I’m talking about my partner’s idea to have a mailing list.


Why in the hell would you want to run mailing list when you are already posting on a daily basis and offer RRS feeds?


Why would you write more content that you can’t put on your blog if you put it out via the mailing list? Why don’t you just post it on your blog if you are willing to hustle more?


Why would you PAY a monthly fee to have a professional email marketing service to manage your mailing list on top of that? Why pay for service marketing at all? (I use Aweber by the waywink wink wink 😉


Seriously, is it just me or is this just not making any sense?


Well, believe it or not, it does because having a newsletter attached to our blog completely changed our way of doing business.


I realized it for the first time when I was at work. Since I can’t send clients to my blogs (this is obviously unethical!), I decided to start a newsletter. For about a year and a half, I sent a newsletter about the stock market, interest rates and other financial news to my clients every 6 months or so. I provided them with great content as I don’t advertise any products but instead I give them useful info to manage their finances. After a while, I noticed that every time I sent my newsletter, it generated meetings with my clients. The newsletter was actually their trigger to take action and schedule to meet with me regarding their finances. This was going well until the day that I landed a $1.9M meeting generated from my newsletter. On that day, I understood something about having a newsletter: this is a direct and privileged contact with someone who gives you full trust. You don’t give out your email to someone you don’t want to hear from. You give it to someone from whom you expect to get insightful information.


Since my partner was pushing me to take care of my newsletter seriously for a whole year, I started to invest more time in it. Those who are subscribed to my TFB newsletter (the big box on the right column on the top of the site 😉 ) already know that I provide awesome and exclusive content on it. It’s not just a lame excuse to do a round-up and self-promote my other sites. I brought this to a whole new level with The Dividend Guy Blog Newsletter. I guess I have more ease in making it interesting as I’m used to writing financial and investment related newsletters.


This mailing list alone has over 2,413 subscribers (and we started from almost 0 back in June 2011). The opening rate is over 63% and the click through rate (when I include a link inside my article) is over 42%. These rates go through the roof (near 100% for both opening and click through rate) when I look at my free eBook offers (Dividend Investing and Best 2012 Dividend Stocks).


The funniest part is that I only have 753 RSS readers on this blog. So I have 3 times more readers for my newsletter than on my blog (I might stop blogging right away then… lol!). I hooked them up with some freebies (read how I did it here) and they stay connected (I only have 271 unsubscribes so far) since I provide them with great stuff. I’m now able to connect directly with them, ask them questions and send them to my new sites such as What is Dividend and Canadian Dividend Stock.


But it’s not only for bloggers, you just need a newsletter regardless what you do!


The following posts (and next newsletter article!) will be about how I manage (and make money!) my mailing lists. But you can do the same in just about any field. I just gave you my example where I have a mailing list for my clients. In fact, if you are in sales, regardless of which kind of product or service, you need a mailing list! This will enable you to get direct feedback from your clients, connect with them, be the top name in your field when they think of it and ultimately generate more sales!


But if you want to be able to do that, you’ll have to follow the upcoming series carefully. A mailing list can be the most awesome tool for growth in your business but it can also have the effect of a weapon of mass destruction on your clientele if you bully your clients with a bunch of ads and promotions. This is exactly what the big brands haven’t realized yet. But what do you want? Their marketing departments hire kids who only think about pushing sales (I was once like that so I know what I’m talking about 😉 ).


So are you in? what are you waiting for? Subscribe to my newsletter 😉


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I always wanted to start a newsletter but I didn’t have anything to really write about. Now that I’m starting to become successful I think I have something good to say and people will want to listen.

great article! providing value is something that gets said more and more and done less and less haha. keep up the good work!

Good advice. I’m a bit hesitant about starting a newsletter. I don’t know if I have a lot to say. I’ll have to think about it and see what I can put together. thanks.

Online mailing lists are just the electronic version of direct mail TFB. Its really a lost art that just recently started to gain mometum. I’ve looked at doing one myself, but I think it would be more productive to link up with a few niche bloggers.

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