June 27, 2008, 6:00 am

You Are Lucky

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While you are running among all those people, you start thinking about how you got there. You woke up at 5am on a regular basis to run outside regardless if it was raining or not. You endured the pain, you made sacrifices and there you are: you are running your first marathon. It appeared that your workout program was good enough to bring you to the competition level.

You end up first and while you are desperately taking your breath back, while you sweet like a pouring rain, while your heart is tearing down your t-shirt to get out of your body; someone get beside you and say ”You are lucky! You finished first!”.

Lucky? Yeah, LUCKY. I am sure that many of you hear that remark at least once in your life. It usually happens more when people think that you are doing well on the financial plan. “You were lucky to get that job” or “you were lucky since your parent backed you up during college” or even “you are lucky to have all of this, most people work hard their whole life and don’t have what it”. Lucky… really?

I personally think that there is no such thing as luck in life. Off course there are opportunities and you can benefit a great deal from them. However, opportunities are offered to everybody. It’s more a matter of recognizing them and benefit from them.

Some people will walk on their side of the sidewalk without even looking what is going on on the other side of the street. They work hard and they are honest, but they are walking with blindfold eyes. Those people use the word lucky a little to much.

While I am very far away from being rich, I think I am having a good start on the financial plan considering my age what I have accumulated so far. Some people have the guts to tell me I am lucky and that really frustrates me.

There is no such thing as working hard day after day, making sacrifices and being told that all that you have is not related to your efforts but you owe a big one to lady luck!

When I see a successful person, regardless in which field, I am not telling myself “oh boy, this one is lucky to be so good at what he does” but I am asking “I really wonder how he made it that far”.

Sorry for the rant of the day, but I really needed to write it down so I can feel better 😉 I don’t think there is a magic secret for success. In fact it is quite simple. Make a plan, work hard, don’t loose your objective and wish the best for you and for everybody around you. With this kind of attitude, you won’t need luck anyway 😉

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