July 15, 2011, 6:00 am

Yakezie Roundup Time

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At the beginning of the week a post went up on creating an overnight success. We often see a successful business and we don’t envision how much work it took. The reality is that an “overnight” success takes years to build. Are you building your “overnight” success?

Time for the Yakezie links:

1. 2011 Mid-Year Review: Online Endeavors And Building A Community @ Financial Samurai.

2. Man Gives Derek Jeter’s Baseball to Team, Criticized for Everything @ Consumerism Commentary.

3. Half Way Through 2011 Reviewing my Goals and Objectives @ MJTM.

4. Savings = Freedom @ Invest it Wisely.

5. Are You Leaving Money on the Table? @ Bucksome Boomer.

6. Selling A House: An Example Of How Small Changes May Make a Big Difference @ Everyday Tips and Thoughts.

7. Feeling good about that debt? Apparently young adults do! @ Wealth Informatics.

8. The DOs and DON’Ts of Retirement Plans After a Layoff @ Money Reasons.

9. When Can We STOP Saving Money? @ Retire by 40.

10. Focus On Recurring Expenses To Improve Savings @ Money Cone.

11. The Basics On Bonds @ Canadian Finance Blog.

12. Reasons To Move: Considering More Than Your Rent Or Mortgage @ Not Made of Money.

13. Income Diversity – How It’s Done @ Wealth Pilgrim.

14. Automate your finances? @ ERE.

15. Are You Staying with Netflix? @ Couple Money.

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Thanks for the mention!!

Good point, we don’t always see the hard work behind a polished product. Thanks for the mention! 🙂

Thanks much FB!

Overnight is definitely not “overnight” indeed! Hope all is well.