September 9, 2011, 6:00 am

Yakezie Challenge Time

by: MD    Category: Financial Rambling
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We started the week off by looking at Do You Live The Moment? What do you think? Are you person that enjoys the moment or are you always saving for your other goals?

Let’s see what the Yakezie had to offer this week:

1. The Student Loan Death Trap @ BITFS.

2. The Problem with Home Insurance Fraud and How it Affects You @ My Personal Finance Journey.

3. No More Checks For Social Security Benefits @ KNS Financial.

4. Four Financial Stocks That Are Trading Below Book Value @ Buy Like Buffet.

5. Loyalty cards : Providing rewards or threats? @ Wealth Informatics.

6. 9 Things to Do When You Retire @ Free from Broke.

7. Freedom in the Skies: Where Would You Travel to With an Airfare Monthly Subscription? @ Frugal Confessions.

8. Metal Slug: Twenty-Five Cent Time Machine @ Buck Inspire.

9. Saving on Herbs and Spices @ The Saved Quarter.

10. How to Save Money on Halloween Costumes @ Mom’s Plans.

11. 100 Words On: A Really Sneaky Way to Reduce Your Restaurant Bar Tab @ Len Penzo.

12. The Virtues of Preparation @ Live Real, Now.

13. What Credit Card is Right For You? @ Money is the Root.

14. Overseas, I Read That It’s Beautiful Over There @ Wandering Earl.

15. 12 Free Summer Activities for Your Family @ Free Money Wisdom.

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Thanks for the mention!

Thank you for including my post!

I am definitely one who is usually saving for other goals, but I have realized this in the last few years and have made strides in living for the moment:). Long way to go though!

You absolutely have to live the moment! I do get off track sometimes, but there’s no better way to live, with some plans in place, of course. Thanks for including me!

Thanks for the inclusion!

I am a person who saves, but also who enjoys the moments that life brings. I love to splurge on my fiancee and yet I equally enjoy tucking money away into my Roth-IRA. Great round-up!