August 12, 2011, 6:00 am

Yakezie Challenge Time

by: MD    Category: Miscellaneous
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The other day we discussed how cutting out your Starbucks won’t make you rich. The post is a look at how daily frugality is great, but it won’t get you rich in the long run. Simply put, if you enjoy your morning cup of java, why should you stop? Do you have a morning cup of coffee?

Let’s jump into the Yakezie posts:

1. Roadtrip Budget Breakdown @ BITFS.

2. 9 Ways For Students To Get Textbooks For Less @ Free From Broke.

3. The Dow Was Up 429 Points So Now Is The Time To Buy Right? @ Buy Like Buffet.

4. The Best Retirement Plan For You @ KNS Financial.

5. We Bought Our First House! @ Life and My Finances.

6. How To Deal With The Schizophrenic Stock Market @ Retire By 40.

7. Fuel Economy Tips & Tricks @ Canadian Finance Blog.

8. In praise of idleness @ ERE.

9. Assets in Trust? Easier Said Than Done @ Wealth Pilgrim.

10. The Death Of Random Travel Experiences @ Wandering Earl.

11. Retirement Savings By Age: Are People Saving Enough For Retirement? @ Smart on Money.

12. What are the Perks of your Job? @ Young and Thrifty.

13. Sell High, Buy Low @ Money Crush.

14. Would you Walk Away from a Mortgage? @ Ultimate Money Blog.

15. Are Fax Machines The Biggest Waste Of Money For A Company? @ Not Made of Money.

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Hey Mike, thanks for including an article from my site!

Absolutely agree, that’s the poor man’s mentality to getting rich.

You don’t get rich by being frugal, though its always good to save and not waste, you get rich by MAKE MORE MONEY!

Thank you for the mention!!!