April 7, 2011, 6:00 am

Working Your Way to The Top

by: MD    Category: Alternative Income
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The best moments in our lives are not the passive, receptive, relaxing times… the best moments usually occur when a person’s body or mind is stretched  to its limits in a voluntary effort to accomplish  something difficult and worthwhile.

– Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

Working Your Way to the TopThe other day Mike wrote about how his online business had a record month. When anyone reads a post like this it’s really easy to become both inspired and envious. You get inspired because you see the potential for growing your blog and what’s actually possible in the online world. Envious because you wish your blog was making more than $0.37 a day. In my opinion I think that you can use this inspiration and envy as leverage to work your way up to the top. How’s this possible?

I hope you guys are ready to join me  in this. I hope you guys are ready to work harder than ever before to accomplish something really cool. A few of the ways I plan on working my way to the top include:

Work on what matters.

What do you spend all of your time on? Do you take on projects just because you can’t say no? I constantly find myself working on mundane and useless projects. It’s likely because it makes me feel productive because I’m doing something. The harsh reality is that there’s a major difference between being productive and active. Are you being active for the sake of being active? If you find yourself working on boring projects, you need to switch things up and start working on shit that matters. Once you do this you’ll be more motivated and you can start pushing yourself further.

Prioritize your time for maximum results.

I don’t want to get into time management again, but I do want to stress the importance of prioritizing the activities in your life. How much time do you spend on reading email compared to getting real work done? This number is really scary for me and I don’t even want to calculate it. Time is the greatest commodity and we all have the same amount of it. Bill Gates has as many hours in a day as you do. Nobody is given an unfair advantage when it comes to time in a day. The problem is that we all choose to spend this time differently. Some of us are forced to work long hours and spend time on family. Others choose to waste this time on Facebook. No matter how busy you find yourself, you can always cut out a few things or stay up a little longer to work your way to the top. I imagine that most successful bloggers came close to divorce for spending so much time by the computer.

Stop worrying about stats!

Stats are pointless for the majority of the time. I refresh my Adsense and analytics far too many times for it to be good for my health. I’m not sure why we happen to be so stat-obsessed. Stats are a good metric for progress updates on your blog, but they aren’t the only metric. Are others linking to your blog? Are your readers leaving comments? Are readers recommending your blog to friends? Once you stop stressing about stats and focusing on pumping out quality content, you’ll see much greater results.

Work when you shouldn’t.

Sunday is all about relaxing. You can’t stay in in a Friday night to work. You need to sleep in it’s good for you. Sure, but not if you want to work your way to the very top. I find that the most successful people are willing to work when everyone else is relaxing. I remember receiving emails from my fellow bloggers at 3 AM. When I asked why they emailed so late in the night the answer was simple. That was the only time they can get any real work done. I find that if you want to work your way up to the top, you must be willing to work when nobody else is.

Stay positive.

Making any money with your new idea will be really tough. Making a grand a month is challenging. Making over 10K a month seems near impossible at this point. That’s why you need to learn to stay positive at all times. There will be times where you make no

Have fun.

Whatever endeavor you want to pursue, you need to have some fun doing it. Not everything will be fun. The majority of it should be fun though. I had fun putting this post together and brewing up ideas. I also have fun when I hang out with my friends. I try to have as much fun in my life as possible so I don’t feel like I’m going to snap at any given moment. If you’re not smiling right now then you’re doing something wrong.

It’s really easy to get inspired when you read about the success of others. The challenge is in taking action and working your way up to the top. Are you ready?

Friends: What other ways can we work our way to the top?

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I think you make some great points. I unfrotunately need to break the habbit of worrying about stats. When I blog I focus on content but I can’t help but look at my stats to see if people are interested in it. It’s very hard not to because you always want to cater to your audience.I believe that I’ll start checking them on a weekly basis instead of a daily.

-Ravi Gupta

I agree with you MD!
Too often we work hard without creating value. Working is good, but knowing where to put your energy is way better.

When I do my planning, I always write down my tasks. I put on top what is creating value and try to find a way to outsource the rest of the tasks. Sometimes it’s hard as you want to do specific tasks even though they are not creating any value or generating any income.

Thanks for the pep talk! Sometimes you have to be reminded of what’s important.

“No matter how busy you find yourself, you can always cut out a few things or stay up a little longer to work your way to the top”

very true – and I suspect you will get some resentment for this statement as have I and I do for mentioning it.

Work when others don’t, or are unwilling. That is pretty key. I enjoyed working during summer vacations during school when my friends went on vacay. Now I like to work early in the morning at 6am before going to work. Gotta do it!

I went for 6 months one time without checking any states. Now I try and check once a month. Focus on the prize!

Stats are a killer. I think people go to it to remind them that their work is paying off even if the money isn’t rolling in yet. Looking back on your journey, did you set goals and timelines? By year x I should be making y dollars? Did you meet them, underperformed, or pleasantly surprised? Now that you have your system in place, can you reasonably anticipate returns? For example, if I create one more niche website, I can hope to increase my income by z%? Keep up the awesome work!

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This is a great article. I am so glad you pointed out the obsession of stats. I admit I am guilty of this and need to start spending more time on content rather than refreshing my google analytics mobile app so often!

One idea I wanted to throw out there that really keeps me motivated is to surround yourself with other bloggers or people who are positive and support your blogging endeavors. This really helps me stay positive and gives me motivation on the days or nights I am lacking it.

I’m quite addicted to looking at stats. I should spend more time building and less time analyzing.

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I am another self-confessed stats-a-holic.

Especially google adsense! That’s the first thing I check when I log into my computer. Kind of sad. 🙁

I used to check google analytics just as frequently, but now only check about once a month or twice a month.

Definitely agree about the divorce rate- nowadays I hope that my boyfriend doesn’t have time to hang out with me so I can work on my blog (how sad is that/! :))