September 11, 2009, 5:00 am

Working Less, Getting More Results

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Career,Personal Finance
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small-bigIt has been 2 weeks since I began working 4 days a week and something very strange is happening. You know the type of thing that you can’t see how or why, but it is happening? You can’t really put your finger on it, you can’t explain it nor tell where it is coming from, but it is happening. There is some kind of magic going on… I am working less AND getting more results.

More results at work!

I guess the pressure to perform, due to the fact that I still remain committed to caring for my clients with the same level of service excellence, helps increase my productivity. Basically, I feel like most employees when the company cuts jobs and ask the remaining drones to compensate for the reduction in staff. When you have less resources (i.e. time), you need to find ways to get through it!

Let’s just say that I close my door more often in order to be more productive 😉

More results with my company!

There are several projects and many little things we wanted to try or tweak on our websites. By carefully planning my schedule, I am able to accomplish a lot of things during my day off “work”. Although, we expect to feel major differences down the road, we have already started to notice the wind of change on our websites. I am convinced that this will have a great impact since everything done so far on the internet produces exponential results.

More energy!

Working only 4 days a week helps me to maintain a higher level of energy. By working at home the 5th day, I actually save 2 hours of BMW travel (Bus, Metro, Walk!). I only work 6 hours on my blogs. So, instead of waking up at 5am and arriving home at 6pm, I wake up at 7am and “am available” at 3:01pm (the last minute is due to the traffic caused by my kids’ toys on my way to the basement stairs ;-). When you have more energy, you become more productive at EVERYTHING. So both at work and at home, I am more efficient as I only work 4 days a week.

More time!

While I am able to maintain my previous level of income, I benefit from much more time. During the day I work at home, I also have time to do chores around the house such as cleaning the pool… or basement! I also have the time to pick the kids at daycare and go to the park. In fact, by finishing at 3pm, I have an additional 3 hour window to do other stuff. It makes a big difference by the time the weekend rolls around; we can enjoy it instead of just doing “what needs to get done”.

More motivation!

This is definitely a win-win situation for my employer and I. While they pay me less money, I bring in as much as I did before with the extra day worked. In addition to that, each morning, I look forward to being at work whether in the office or at home for my own business. Being happy when you wake up every morning is a great feeling!

I once read in a book, to think about what we would do if we were millionaires. The author was suggesting to simply do this and the millions will come… I guess this is what you call exponential results!

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