May 29, 2007, 1:29 am

Winning Stock Trading 101 contest but not getting the reward

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3 points, actually 3,24 to more precise. This how I was close to make $200 in a single week. That would have been great, isn’t? I participate to The Stock Trading VI hostes by Stock Trading 101 last week. The winners were disclosed this Monday. Out of three categories, I finished 1st, 2nd and 3rd.


Like every morning, I was surfing on and reading posts and comments. MDJ announced that contest where you can win $200 by guessing where the NASDAQ will stand in a week. I guessed wrong but not bad. 3,24 points missing…


The two other categories was best buy for one week and best short for the same period. I had such good results because Good Luck Lady was sitting next to me when I picked my stock. A little bit of technical analysis on some pre-picked stock and I was in business.


All that to say you can’t predict what’s going to happen on the stock market. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Real investing is over the long run but not necessarily easier. At least, by picking companies that are well established with a strong growth history, you may make some good bucks.


However, it is always fun to participate in contest such as this one. You look-up the internet, make research, and follow your picks for a week.


There was another contestant who finished first for the best stock to buy for a week with a return over 37%. The stock ticker doesn’t matter anymore as the big jump already occurred but I hope for him that he bought the stock last week. He is probably dancing right now if it’s the case. It certainly worth more than $200!

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I still can’t believe how you placed in all three categories. I look forward to having you in the next one, the Cash prize will once again be up for grabs!

Hi Blain,
I’ll be there fore sure! And I’ll make sure to cut down the NASDAQ by 3,24 points next time !

Good Job FB. It’s pretty cool that you’re in the top 3 of each category. I put GPIC as the biggest loser, but it actually became the biggest gainer, 39%.

I’m also a big fan of making money aside from my day job. I love passive income.

I’ve added your link. I would appreciate it if you could do the same.

Thanx Smarty,
One quick question, did you know something about your pick ? That was an amazing performance for one week!

Thx for adding up my blog to your page. I’ll do the same in no time. This will actually give me the opportunity to read another blog 🙂



Yeah, I knew GPIC was going to explode either up or down. There were some things going on in that company. I wasn’t sure which direction it would take, I just picked down. Sorry for the extra posts.