December 1, 2011, 6:00 am

Why You Can Save Thousands By Paying For Help

by: MD    Category: Alternative Income
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We all want to be self-sufficient. We all want to get things done on our own. We all want to tell others that we’re self-made. We all want to reach a respectable level of success without owing it to anyone. There’s just one problem.

The thing is that every single person reading this needs help. We all need help with something. There’s always someone out there that’s better than us at something. This doesn’t mean that we should give up. This just means that we need to learn from those that are better than us at something.

How can you save money by paying for help on a one-on-one basis?

Cut your losses.

You can always cut your losses early. The best strategy that I believe for new ideas is to bash them and get as much feedback as possible in the earlier stages. This is why paying for some sort of consulting is ideal in the beginning stages so that you can figure out if it’s worth going ahead with your new idea or if you should scrap it before it affects your pocket

What’s the point of feedback when you’re about to launch your product or new service? Imagine you’re about to launch your new blog product for frugality parents on buying luxury cars and the day before someone finally tells you that this is a crappy idea. Think of all of those supporters that let Paris Hilton release a music cd (and another one coming soon).

If you get quality help early on, you don’t have to stress about getting bad news at the last minute.

Avoid poor business ideas.

An idea might sound brilliant at first. Getting a second opinion from your girlfriend will only make it sound better. Your girlfriend and parents will tell you that your ides is good so that they don’t hurt your feelings. When you pay for help, you get quality advice that’s not sugar-coated to boost your ego.

The truth is that there are many poor business ideas out there that need to be avoided.

See what you’re doing wrong.

Do you know what you’re doing wrong? Chances are that you don’t or else you wouldn’t be doing things wrong. When you finally figure out what you’re doing wrong, you can then work on improving things to get the best results, instead of the same old lame results. Are you ready to see what you’re doing wrong?

Change gears.

Maybe you can change gears? You could have the correct general idea and all you need is some tweaking. Maybe you’re in the wrong field? Maybe you’re vision is wrong. Paying for help can show you that changing gears is what you need to do instead of giving up. Too many new entrepreneurs give up before they bother with tweaking things a bit.

That’s how paying for help can help you save thousands of dollars and make thousands of dollars in the long run. Now I know that there’s going to be some of you that can’t afford consulting or paying for help. What if you can’t afford to pay for consulting?

The solution is simple. Find as much free help as possible.

How can you find as much free help as possible online?

  1. Check out forums. There are many forums on the Internet for every single niche.
  2. Send emails. If you’re lucky, a successful blogger or person in your field might be in the helping mood when you shoot them an email.
  3. Read blogs. There are so many blogs out there that give out ridiculous amounts of free information on a consistent basis. Are you taking advantage of this?
  4. Use Twitter. Twitter can be a complete waste of time. You can also use it to engage with others and learn from the thought-provoking discussions that are going on.

There you have it. There’s plenty of free help out there. If you have the extra cash to splurge, you can pay for help. Whatever you do depends on how quickly you want to grow.

Paying for help can help you grow exponentially. The payment for help is just a simple barrier that will force you to take the advice seriously.

Ask the readers: have you guys ever paid for help with something? How did it turn out?

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