May 3, 2012, 6:00 am

Why I’m Not in The Real World

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Everyone tells you that the real world begins when you’re out of school. Once you’re done with school, you need to grow up and enter the real world. The games and childish fun are now over. It’s time to get a real job. It’s time to get married and buy a house. Then wait a few years and have kids. Then let them repeat the process while you wait to retire.

“If you’re five years old and say you want to be an astronaut, your parents tell you that you can be anything you want to be. It’s harmless, like telling a child that Santa Claus exists. If you pass 25 and announce you want to float in space or sail around the world, the response is different: be realistic, become a lawyer or an accountant or a doctor, have babies, and raise them to repeat the cycle. Put all of your disposable income in a 401(k) and do your best to enjoy your “too-weak” vacation.” –  Tim Ferriss

I keep on getting bothered by friends that don’t understand what I’m doing. They ask me about why I don’t have a real job or why I don’t get into the real world.

I wanted to look at why I’m not technically in the real world right now…

I wanted to travel.

When you start your first job after college you might have to wait a long time before you get to travel or take any time off. I wanted to try to travel the world as much as possible in my 20s. Since I graduated from college I’ve been on six trips and I finally got to backpack through Europe by myself. I believe that I still have a few good long distance trips left in my tank.

I love working on my own projects.

I’m not motivated to work on stuff that I don’t care about. I can’t put all my energy into something unless I’m totally into it (ask any of my ex-girlfriends). The beauty of not finding a full-time job yet is that I’m able to focus on my own projects (freelance work, building up my site, and other random activities). Most of my friends that found steady gigs complain to me about how they have no motivation after a boring day of mundane work and that they don’t feel creatively fulfilled. I’m proud to have the luxury to work on my own projects for now.

I don’t have any debt.

I worked full-time hours during college so that I didn’t graduate with any debt. I didn’t want to be desperate for work after college. I didn’t want to be chasing after any random job. I wanted to be able to pick-and-choose and do what I want. I’m grateful every single day for the fact that my parents let me stay at home for free while I hustled through college. Being able to pick up my degree without the stress of student loans is one of the best feelings in my opinion.

I also didn’t max out my credit card or anything like that either. I made some foolish moves with my money, but I was able to recover by working even harder. My only debt right now is my home mortgage, but I don’t mind that because it’s a rental property and at this point I’m not losing any money.

Those three factors are why I still haven’t entered the real world. I don’t know what’s next, but I’m pretty pumped about life right now.

Are you in the real world?

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Nope. I left the “real world” a few months ago. And I don’t ever want to go back. I would like to do more traveling, so when I reach my income targets, I plan on seeing more of the United States as well as the world. Right now, I have to save my pennies so that I don’t go running back to an office job prematurely.

I have been in the real world for more than 40 years. When I achieved financial independence at 38 years old, I had choices and life is different now.

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I guess we are in the same boat. So many times people as when are you going to get a “real job”. I mean do I have to not like what I do for it to be considered real. I remember at one point my hobby was making more then what a few of my friends went to school for. Alas people thought more of what they were doing then I. Too me that is just stupid. No real world for me.

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