April 18, 2013, 7:00 am

Why Does Martin Write About Finance Here?

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Why am I here sharing and discussing a variety of subjects with you guys every Thursday on The Financial Blogger?

My first article on The Financial Blogger went live on July 6th, 2010 and it was about the positives of buying real estate. I haven’t stopped since. Sure, I may have missed a few deadlines, but I believe that I’ve had an article go live every single Thursday since then. I must admit that I love it. I love having another outlet to share whatever pops up. I need to thank Mike and Pierre for allowing me to write on here.

Why am I writing about personal finance, entrepreneurship, and all sorts of other topics on here? Good question. Why should I even be writing about these topics?

I wanted to write a little piece on myself and my history here…


I started off by attending a community college. I knew that at 17 (early birthday) I wasn’t ready to move away or to attend a big university. I just wasn’t mature enough. I likely would have drank every day and flunked. So I got a full-time gig and stayed at home. I attended a community college for three years. This was where I really got serious about my studies and I even took summer courses. When I was I transferred my credits to a larger university and was able to earn my degree debt-free. I worked hard to ensure that I didn’t have any student loans to deal with. It wasn’t easy, but it was sure worth it.

I still got to party. I was able to save up and go away every year for Spring Break. I did miss out on the freedom of being away from home and living with your friends in school. I did get to save a lot of money, despite dreading my daily hourly commute to school each way.

All in all I wouldn’t trade my experience in because I learned the value of hard work by working full-time hours while I had school non-stop.

What about the personal finance side?

Saving money.

I’ve had a job since grade 2, so making money has been very important to me. Saving for me didn’t become fun until about 18. I realized that I wanted to attain certain goals. I wanted to start a business (I thought a franchise) and buy a condo. So I started saving like a mad man. I found frugality blogs and I embraced the lifestyle for a long time.

I found every way to save a few bucks from taking public transportation to bringing my own food everywhere I went. When I finally got my rental property, I became more flexible with my spending. I’m glad to be done with the extreme frugality.


I’ve always been a fan of entrepreneurs and risk-takers. There’s just something so cool about taking a chance and watching it pan out.

Sadly, I don’t take as many risks as most. I don’t have any cool stories about investing my life savings into a new store or quitting a job by slapping the boss across the face.

I started off with sales by selling chocolates door-to-door. I must apologize if I ever interrupted your family dinner to offer you some chocolates. I was just trying to make a buck. When I realized that I was getting ripped off by the company, I started buying my own boxes of chocolates and selling them. Eventually this was put to a stop because I was in grade 8 and there were all sorts of reports of kids going missing.

I didn’t really get back into the world of entrepreneurship until I started blogging back in late-2008.


I’ve always been into investing. I started by watching the stock market at 15. I would cut grass for money, put my money into the bank, and then let it build up until I had enough to invest in stocks.

I wish I could tell you that I have some cool story about investing money in stocks. I don’t. I once bought a stock, it doubled in price, I didn’t sell, the price went down, and I barely got my money back. So yeah, I sucked at it.

I eventually stopped caring about stocks.I became fan of investing in yourself. I invested money into my education and my skills. I’ve been on many trips, purchased many books/courses, and have done everything possible to improve my skills.

I also invested into a rental property.

I ended up living in the unit for a while because well, I wanted the freedom. Below is a picture of my living room. My friends always laughed when they came over because I was very basic with how I lived. All I needed was a tv, laptop, and a bed.


I write about travel on here because I simply love to travel. I’ve been on maybe 20 trips since 2006. My trips are usually short (a week or two) and with a purpose. I’ll go attend a sporting event (Wrestlemania in Miami), away for Spring Break, or just to a place that I really want to check out. I love saving for trips and sharing experiences.

The only time I didn’t have a purpose on a trip was when I bought a ticket to Europe for a month and showed up with no plan. I spent some time wandering around and exploring. That’s all you’re going to get.

Below is a pic of me in a hostel in a Budapest. Sorry for the close-up.


I’m a pretty social guy and enjoy going out with friends. I may once in a while cover topics in this area because I believe that there’s more to life than just saving money and trying to survive another day.

Below is a picture of my main training partner and youngest brother Adrian. He’s only 16 and he’s already bigger than me.

I would go on, but I just wanted to give you a little background as to why I’m writing here and what my story is like. The good news is that I have tons left to learn and figure out. As I do that, I promise to share more with you guys!

It’s your turn: what’s your story? How did you get into personal finance, entrepreneurship, and all of this crazy stuff?

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Good Post. I also have been working since I was very young and can’t stress the importance of getting a job at a young age! If I ever have kids, I’ll try and educate them the same way my folks educated me!

Very interesting! I write because I want to influence others. I have the CFO/consultant/entrepreneur background. I currently teach, but I achieved financial freedom 28 years ago. I enjoy helping people realize their potential.

I believe investing in education and skills is the best thing to invest in. I am finally graduating this May after five years and I am sad about it. I am not upset or scared of the “real world” as everybody states. But I am saddened because I value my education. I value sitting in class and engaging in group discussions. I value reading information and forming opinions. I value other’s opinions. I need to find a way to stay with in an academic setting while working to make money. Blogging has allowed that for me. I still get to read. I still get to hear other’s opinions. I still get to learn about topics I may not have otherwise thought to take interest in.

I tend to view life differently than most people. Having been a C = degree student in the past to now being a straight A top of the class type of person, I now realize that you create your own reality based on how hard you work.

Hats off to you. I admire you for getting your own rental property at a very young age. My husband and I have only learned about stocks investment last year. We took a look and studied it closely. We also have small home-based businesses aside from our blogs. we are glad we are earning good money from them without having to work away from the family.

My daughter may be the future entrepreneur in the family. When she was in Grade 1, she would take a pack of candies, chocolates, or biscuits from the cupboard, bring it to school, and sell it to her classmates. She will put the money she earned on her piggy bank.

I have been working and juggling classes ever since my first day of my freshman year of college and I’ve loved almost every minute of it. Valuing your education and job experience is the best investment you can make.

Seems like you’re a very hard worker and have a learned a lot through personal experience rather than just being told. What kind of job can you have when you’re that young? Sometimes I question my college experience and whether or not I would have gone so far to an expensive private school if I could do it all over. Great post.