August 26, 2010, 6:00 am

Why Are College Students Stressing About Economy?

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The recession has affected many people across the globe. Wealthy individuals lost fortunes. Individuals with lucrative potions lost their high salaries. Highly profitable industries have gone extinct. Just one thing has me really curious though. Why is everybody stressing about the economic climate. Alright seriously, why are college students stressing about the economy?

I really don’t understand why so many college students are so stressed out about the economy. However, many college students that I still communicate with are nervous about the state of the economy. This is why I wanted to share some tips for current college students that are stressing about the current economic climate:

Stay in school longer.

If your ability to earn a decent living after your graduate from college has you concerned, then you should consider staying in school longer. An economic downturn is the perfect time to pursue higher education and to go for a Graduate Degree in the field of your choice. A friend of mine recently realized that it would be difficult to find work in the field that he earned a degree in. Therefore, he took this as an opportunity to follow his passions and to pursue an education in journalism. No matter where you stand right now the chances are that you could benefit from taking a few additional courses. This will also give you some more time to decide what path you’ll want to follow once you do get out of the college system.

Excel in your studies.

Another solution for those concerned about finding work after college is to channel this energy to attempt to earn exceptional marks in college. These exceptional marks could either ease your entry into further education or they could help you stand out from the intense competition in the workplace. Regardless of the reasoning, focusing your energy on your studies will always benefit you much more than stressing about the economy or life after college.

Work for free.

If you work for free you won’t have to stress about your salary at all because you won’t have one. Instead of going through dozens of job applications, you could find a firm that will allow you to hone your skills and make yourself more valuable as you search for that dream job. Plus it’s much easier to find and work a volunteer position after college then it would be later on.

Start making money on your own.

Adversity often does equal opportunity. I figured that I would use the rough economic shape to start working on helping others with their finances and money management skills. I figured that strong money management skills would always be a plus, no matter what state the economy is in. The question then is, what problem can you solve for others at this current time? If you find a problem to solve, you could potentiality use the economic state to your advantage. The world always needs more entrepreneurs. Instead of worrying about the recession you could spend your time on trying to start your own business.

What advice would you share with current college students that are worried about the current economic situation? Do you think that college students should be stressed by the state of the economy?

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