June 16, 2009, 5:00 am

Which Job Would You Do If You Were a Millionaire?

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As a professional nerd (!), I love reading books. The sad part about reading is that most of the time, your memory tends to forget what you have read. It’s like it needs to empty up your “cache” in order to leave the place for the new book you are reading. A few years ago, I read a very interesting book that was in the same line as “The Secret” but was written in French and before that famous book came out. For French readers, the book is “Demandez et Vous Recevrez” (ask and you will receive) by Pierre Morency. This book is about wishful thinking and positivism. During a recent discussion with a colleague of mine, he outlined the absolute message found in the book with one line:

Which job would you do if you were a millionaire? Start doing it right away and you will become one.

The point of the book was to let you discover what you really like doing and get rid of all the mental barriers our culture, thoughts, friends, school put around us to prevent from doing something “irrational”. When you look at most people who became millionaire, most of them were doing something they really love. Regardless if they had winning conditions or not, they simply made their way to the top, pushed by their passion.

We all tend to put our wildest dreams on the shelf pretending that we can’t afford it, that we have responsibility and that everything would be different if we were millionaire. Well this is where the catch is; you need to achieve your wildest dreams in order to become wealthy!

I agree that there is a hard, but simple way, to become millionaire. If you work your whole life and you have good and discipline saving habits, you will ultimately become millionaire (remember the power of compounding interest, right?). However, this won’t be fun 😉

I then started to ask myself, what would I do? The interesting part is that I am not too far from my “ideal life”. We actually took a major step toward this direction when my wife quit her job. Someone rational will probably tell me that I am dreaming in surround sound as we are making less money and we had to cut most of our saving and investment strategies. Therefore, if I would redo my plan to become millionaire with the information I have today, I will probably reach the million dollar mark at the age of 65 instead of 45! So am I getting into the right direction to become a millionaire? Hell yeah!

Technically, I am not making an income big enough to support our lifestyle with one income in our household. However, things turned out that I am closing more and more deals at work so my bonus is growing to a very interesting point. In addition to that, my business is growing as well and we started to withdraw more money from it. The combination of those two factors (joint with my raise negotiation) should bring us to almost the same level of income we had 2 months ago.

There are 2 factors that can explain why I am suddenly making more money and that I think I will become millionaire faster this way:

#1 I do what I love: Being a financial planner and helping people building financial plans really makes me happy while blogging simply became part of my life. I would not consider my life without my laptop on my lap every morning 😉

#2 I tend to what I always wanted: We both wished my wife could stay home while kids are young so she can take care of them. And this is exactly what is happening right now. This joy bring only good things to our lives and I am convinced that we have the power of changing our future.

So you want to become millionaire? Start doing what you really love!

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