March 11, 2013, 5:00 am

When Was the Last Time You Changed Your Routine?

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There is something comforting about it.

Something that makes you feel safe and secure.

In today’s world, routine is the shelter of the refugees, the mentor that guides your life, the ultimate protection against the end of the world. Each Monday you wake up around the same hour, have a shower and end-up your morning with a coffee and your favorite breakfast. One day you may feel wild and have peanut butter and jelly like you used to do back in the good old days when you were a teen and that the word morning rhymed with 11h30.


Each week passes by one after the other without any changes. Pay checks rolls in and so as bills. A few times in the year you take a week or two weeks of vacation. Then again, one year you feel completely out of this world and you take three weeks in Europe during the summer.


Routine has not become only matter of day-to-day but year-to-year. For all that you know, chances are that you will wake up five years later doing exactly the same thing you do today. The sad part is that you will probably still be at it fifteen years later.


Routine is as comforting as a good soup during winter time or holding your lovely spouse while hearing your favorite love song. But the thing with routine is that, in the end, it sounds pretty boring. Doing the same thing over and over again, sounds like Groundhog Day, doesn’t it?


The Hidden Power Behind Breaking Your Routine


I discovered a long time ago that there is huge power lying under your routine. In science, when you break a molecule or your break a chemical chain, there is an automatic reaction. It usually generates some sort of energy with random impact.


Routine doesn’t have to be represented by a chemical chain to generate the same thing. When you break it, there is an incredible amount of energy that is being unleashed. Breaking your habits will lead you to open your mind and stimulate the brain like there is no tomorrow.


When you change your ways of doing things, it’s like telling your brain: hey man, its okay to think, you are allowed to work now!. This signal will automatically generate something else in you. Your eyes will open again and will see different things. Your motivation rises as you feel that you must be up for a new challenge.


Changing your routine is demanding both psychologically and physically. You have to first fight against your brain to convince it that it’s the right thing to do. Then, you have to step-up and use some extra energy to make your body follow the new rhythm. We often don’t like to get out of our couch potato mode to do something.  Watching TV and waiting for time to pass is so much more comforting… but once you get up and do something; your body will be reenergized.


I’ve Changed Mine, Will You Change Yours?


I’m writing this article from a coffee shop this morning… during a week day. I’m not off from work and I should be sitting in my office right now. But I’m not. I’m drinking a delicious coffee while listening to this “magical music” playing all the time in these kinds of places. The ambiance is smooth, everybody is chill and I even have the luxury of knowing the owner.


Why did I change my routine this morning? Simply because I need to find additional energy. I need to find an additional motivation. I need to take a “mini vacation”, just an hour, to resource myself. This mini vacation has given me a lot of energy and put a smile on my face.


Thx to my wife (who had this marvelous idea), I’m starting my week differently. I’m far from going berserk, quitting my job, sell everything I own and start on a safari with my family for a year. I’m simply enjoying a coffee at a coffee shop instead of getting to work at the same time as usual, open the branch going through the three stories as usual and open my laptop to start reading the newspaper and take my coffee as usual.


Taking this extra hour away from everything put a new perspective into play. First, I realize that I enjoy my life a lot. Second, I realize how good it feels to be “alone”. To be around other people but don’t necessarily have to connect with them… only if you feel like it! I’m not hearing the same stories, I’m not worried about the same things and I don’t think about the same tasks I have to do today. Only a short hour that will make me smile for the whole day… maybe the whole week.


I’ll definitely try to change a few things in my routine now that I’ve seen the benefit of it. Just to spin the wheel the other way around and see what’s going to happen. Maybe my day will be different, along with my week and as well as my life!

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I’m definitely a creature of habit and love my routine. During the week, I pretty much do the same exact thing every day, and you’re right, it is comforting. But once in a while when I do break my habit, at first it makes me a little uneasy, but then I realize that I feel more relaxed, less rigid. I agree that breaking your routine every now and then, even in small ways can cause you to think differently and see everything in a new light.

For years, I have gone to the book store every Sunday. When I am there I get a Starbucks and a cookie. They shut down a lot of the brick and mortar stores so I still go, but just once a month. It took just a little while to get used to it.

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