March 1, 2012, 6:00 am

What’s The Power of Sticky Notes?

by: MD    Category: Productivity
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“When you run so fast to get somewhere, you miss half the fun of getting there.” — Poem in The 4-Hour Workweek

Many of us have problems with keeping on top of things. We set appointments, make plans, set out to get tasks done, and then we just forget about them. We have the best of intentions. It just always seems like we’re too busy to get certain tasks done. There’s just never enough time or things just slip our minds somehow.

This is where the power of sticky notes comes into play. I once heard that your workplace environment is critical to your productivity. I’ve noticed my productivity has increased greatly ever since I started jotting down everything (literally everything) on sticky notes (or stick-it notes, whatever you want to call them).

Do you use sticky notes? Do you leave notes around you? Do you keep track of new ideas and what needs to get done?

Why do I swear by leaving sticky notes around everywhere?

You keep track of your ideas.

You never know when a great idea will hit you. The funny thing about blogging or any other task that involves creativity is that you often can’t plan it. Do you know what I mean? It’s like when you have a whole afternoon off, you sit down to get some blogging done, and for some reason your mind goes blank. A few days later, you’re running late on everything and it feels like you just can’t keep up. Then out of nowhere some amazing ideas start to hit you. That’s just how it works for me. I used to always lose these ideas. Now I do my best to immediately write down every new though that hits me.

You don’t lose important thoughts.

You need to be tracking of your appointments and important dates. We often forget important information simply because we never took the few seconds to actually jot it down.vHave you ever missed an appointment? It’s probably because you didn’t note it properly.

Does all of this note taking become redundant? Yes it does. I would rather be ready than taken by surprise. Maybe I’m a little odd, but I like to be prepared because you never know when an interesting opportunity will come up.

You save money.

You can save money by always being on top of things in your life. You save money because you won’t miss any bills that are due, opportunities to make money, and you won’t be surprised by what’s coming up. I jot down all of my bill due dates in the calendar that I have in my room. I always know what bills are coming up next. This way I don’t have to worry about late fees or missing payments altogether.

Do you have to use sticky notes? Not really. I use my memopad app in my Blackberry to keep track of ideas that hit me when I’m not by my desk. I have so many documents full of post ideas on my phone that I can never run out of article topics.

You can also use a calendar. I got myself a calendar for my room where I jot down all of my due dates, appointments, and work that needs to get done. This way I can get my work done in advance so I don’t have to rush to get tasks done at the very last minute.

At the end of the day what’s important is that your keeping track of the million ideas that hit you throughout the day. You can never be too organized in my opinion.

That’s how I manage to get work done and keep track of what’s important. Do you have any tips that you would like to add to this?

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I carry a small voice memo recorder everywhere with me so that when an idea hits me I can just record the thought and move on.

I have a notepad with me! I get made fun of often because of it

I found out the calendar in outlook works really well for me. However, sticky note comes in handy when I am not around my computer. I should start using more sticky notes to increase my productivity too!

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I use a planner pad to manage to-do lists.
Am waiting for the iPad 3 to come out, because there is a great app for it, Notes+. When that comes out, I will replace all paper pads forever with Notes+ and Dropbox.

Iâ??m with Jason on this one. Get a notes app on your smartphone or tablet and learn how to use it effectively. Thereâ??re plenty out there, so try them all out and figure out which suits you best.

I like to jot memos to myself on Google Calendar and have it sync with my computer, smartphone and tablet â?? this way Iâ??m close to my notes regardless of where I am or what devices I have on me.

This only works if you enjoy typing on your phone or on your tablet, by the way â?? if that drives you crazy then stick to actual paper sticky-notes and a pen.