May 22, 2013, 4:15 am

What Would You Do Without a Job?

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I have discussed the topic of having a Plan B on this blog a few times. Recently,  I explained how much I would need in 30 days to pay off my bills if I was going to lose my job today. What I barely discussed yet is what would I do with my time?


Working on my online company


Yeah… that’s the easy answer and you are probably thinking about something similar to these options:


Find another job

Grow my side gig

Become a freelancer


These all sound like great ideas, but that’s BS…. Why? Simply because there is no plan attached to it! If I do some stupid math, I would resume my situation with the following equation:


10 hours / week of work = $9,000 of gross revenues per month

50 hours / week of work = X

X = $45,000 of gross revenues per month



This is the most unrealistic number I’ve ever heard out loud… oh wait! I know people making this much online… Mike… listen to me… just quit your darn job!


I won’t quit my job right now because I’m a cozy coward. A cozy coward is someone who doesn’t have the guts to leave his comfort zone to get his hands dirty again to work on another project. I would rather enjoy my wine on the terrace than type like a crazy maniac on my computer in my basement.


Nonetheless, if I had a choice between keeping my day job and leaving my company or leaving my day job and keeping my company, I would chose the latter. Maybe this is what I’m waiting for to make the big move. This thought crossed my mind recently and I thought “Darn! I’m so not prepared to work 50 hours/week on my company… what would I do???


How Can I Use My 50 Hours Per Week?


Ah! This is what I need to do! Plan my 50 hour weekly workload to make sure it will result in something that makes so much money that I could live a crazy life. The key here is not to increase the amount of time required to manage my online business but to use the extra 40 hours in a manner where I could make a lot more money. You read that on this blog many times: focus on value-added tasks. If I can’t make more money with these hours, I’m just as good as dead.


The key here is to work 10 hours per day from Monday to Friday. If I start at 7am, this means I finish at 6pm (with an hour of lunch). It’s darn hard but it’s feasible. We don’t call being an entrepreneur a sacrifice for nothing, right?


I know myself very well and know that when I’m creating something, I work all-in. Therefore, I could focus on just one specific task each day. For example, my schedule could look like this:

Monday: write all my blog posts

Tuesday: work on niche sites

Wednesday: produce comments, emails and promotions

Thursday: work on an eBook

Friday: tweak my sites (SEO, design, conversion rate, etc).


This sounds like a good plan for someone who can jump from one thing to another. But it doesn’t sound like a real plan for me. I would rather focus on a narrow set of things…

A Weekly Routine


Here’s what my weekly routine would look like:



Take the 10 hours to generate content for my blogs for the week. Ideally, write 8 blog posts during that day.



Tweaking day!

Focus on improving conversion rate on existing products,

Study website traffic,

Plan for new ideas,

Do SEO, link building,

Improve design, try new software,

Improve newsletter,

Outsource irrelevant tasks,

Manage employees,

Plan topics for the following week, etc.


Okay… so I have 2 days planned; the beginning and the end of the week. They make up the daily stuff concentrated into 2 days per week. There is not much I can do to vary this kind of work. However, this leaves me 3 days… or 30 hours to focus on specific projects.


I would take this 3 days block to focus on 1 project at a time. My guess is that I would probably be able complete at least one project per month since it equals 120 hours on a project. I don’t think I ever put 120 hours on any of my projects so far, therefore I can only imagine how great it could be to so!


Specific Projects I Would Work On


I think I would need to list at least 12 projects to make sure that I make more money each month. Technically, it’s not really stupid math to think that if I can work 120 hours on a site it would generate an additional $500/month. This means that I could *technically* improve my revenues by $6,000 per month within a year. After 12 months of working for myself, the company would be making roughly $15,000/month. I could then draw a salary of $8,000 per month easily… wow…


All right, enough with day dreaming… now it’s time to generate these dollars with real projects. It’s one thing to think about making money, it’s another one to make the site generate it!


Here’s a list of 12 ideas that could generate $500/month:


#1 Optimize all my niche sites to grow by $500/month


#2 Create a membership website


#3 Create an authority site to become a successful financial planner


#4 Create another set of 5 small niches sites generating $100/month each


#5 Create additional products to sell for my existing websites


#6 Take my 5 main sites and improve them so they make more money


#7 Create an authority website about insurance


#8 Create an authority website about finding a job (how ironic! Hahaha!)


#9 Create a series of product review niche sites


#10 Write eBooks (would require more than 1 to generate $500/month though)


#11 Take a month to learn how to use different technique and products to improve my site (and make money with affiliate programs on top of my improvements)


#12 Work on special promotions for affiliate programs and sell them through my newsletter



That’s shocking


I often do that when I write on TFB: I start a blog post with an idea but I have no clue where it will lead me. So as you read this article, you have a resume of my high speed level of thinking about my future. Within a few hours, I just found out that if I quit my job, I could probably generate another $6,000 per month within 12 months. This plan is obviously not detailed enough as published but there is definitely enough room in this brainstorming session to generate the money I’m looking for. Plus, it is line with a highly sustainable plan…


I’m shocked.


I didn’t expect that. I didn’t expect that it would be realistic to think this way. After writing the post, it doesn’t seem completely ridiculous. In fact, I’m not even sure it sounds risky…


What do you think? Would you drop the ball and go all-in?

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This post is right on time for me. I have almost the same plan but with different tasks on opposite days. I also outsource things I am not great at to increase the rate. I think we all have the ability if willing to generate the income we seek its the having the goal, planning and then execution. So know that you have the plan are you going all in?

by: Financial Samurai | May 22nd, 2013 (8:13 am)

Ahhh, another post that is trying to will you to take the leap!

Given you’re only working 10 hours a week online now and doing well, I think 20-30 hours will be good enough!

After a year on my own, I can straight up tell you that the correlation with reward and effort is HIGH!


Hey Sam,

I was waiting for your comment 🙂

Before you started doing this full time, you were already working some hours online. Just by your prolific content and your comments all over the place, I guess you were putting 15 to 20 hours back then.

I’m guessing you are working more 30 hours now, would you say that you see a direct correlation or an exponential correlation?

thx for the additional info!

Is my content so prolific? I’m not so sure given I don’t post every day. I do write almost every day, but I’m afraid to post every day b/c that would mean more comments, more work… but then more traffic and more glory! lol

I worked anywhere from 15-25 hours a week online on average while I had a day job. In the first three months after leaving, I was busy writing my book on how to profitably quit your job, so I was probably working/writing closer to 30-40 hours a week.

Now that the book is done, it’s back to the normal 3-4 posts a week schedule. Because I’m now writing when I have the most energy and focus (it’s 6:39am right now), I’m more efficient than after a long day at work. So, I’m back to spending around 20 hours a week or so online, but with much meatier content.

I am looking forward to retirement! It will be when I do not have a job. I went through this before when I achieved financial independence. I immediately started a business. I need something to do.

Your list of projects are really smart and could accomplish a lot.

Effort = Success. Interesting concept. There are no shortcuts or get out of your day job quick schemes? Time to put in the effort and make it happen over time. Thanks for the inspiration.

I still have so much to learn about blogging and the online world. I’m working hard on creating content for my blog. Any tips?

This list of projects is great. I’m not anywhere near going full time… I still have to get my first adsense check, but these tips work even for us part-timers.

by: The Financial Blogger | May 24th, 2013 (6:10 am)


I suggest you start by reading this:


I’m currently working into a more detailed plan of how I can realize the above mentioned ideas. I hope I can come up with something very solid!

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