May 6, 2013, 5:00 am

What Truly Matters

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I’m leaving both the personal finance and making money online worlds this morning for something that matters a whole lot more…

habs vs sens


The Habs are in the playoffs!!!


Huh… right. It’s not where I wanted to go but you know I’m a diehard CH fan 😉 and we are better off not talking about yesterday’s game anyway… argh!


More seriously, I wanted to relate a quick story that happened to me last week. I with met some old work colleagues of mine while I was in Montreal. One of them lost someone very close just two months ago. She was telling me that it had changed her perception of things…


Why Do You Have To Work So Hard?


I wake up in the morning at 5am. Chow down a quick breakfast and hop on the treadmill. 1 hour later, I run into the shower before heading out to work. Before starting my day, I’m under the pressure to write one or two articles for my blogs. Then, I run the whole day and try to do as many things as I can and hopefully close a deal so I can increase my bonus. Once back home, we eat, play with kids, do the bath routine, put the kids for sleep and… watch hockey ;-).

When I spoke with that colleague of mine, she was asking herself why the hell she runs all over the place to make sure everything was done properly. Accordingly, aligned with what society expects, losing someone definitely puts things into perspective.


So what’s the point of working so hard? To be free one day. What if the “one day” doesn’t happen fast enough? What happen if you leave everything else behind while you are desperately trying to reach this freedom?


I Learned That Lesson a While Ago


When I did my MBA back in 2008-09, things weren’t always rosy with my wife. We just had our second child and she was working full time while I was barely home long enough just to sleep a few hours. Between my online company, new day job and MBA studies, it was impossible to have time for family. This hurt us big time back then.


I was set to become a VP by the age of 30 and heading to financial freedom before the age of 40. My wife quit her job, I started to work four days a week in a job that I love and started to take care of my kids. We made these changes in our lives to both take care of ourselves. We started to take care of what truly matters.


Today, It’s Different


I’m still working hard and still have a crazy schedule. And this is nothing compared to what is going to happen this summer when I’ll coach my oldest son at soccer twice a week between a golf tournament and a happy hour for work.


But the difference is that each week, I take a moment to stop and not do anything related to work. I take a moment to enjoy life with my wife, play with my kids and relax. I guess this is probably where you can draw the line before going on a burnout!


There are some people putting their career first. They always have a good reason for this:


That’s the way it is in my working field

My boss will have my head if I don’t finish this

I need a good bonus to buy this or that (or pay off this or that)

In a few years, I’ll get a promotion and it will all be worth it

I’m in my prime; it’s the right time to climb the ladder

I’m not a lazy ass, I’m here to work

I love my job



If you are part of this kind of people I don’t blame you, I don’t even judge you. After all, I was part of your gang not so long ago. But I can tell you one thing; one day you will wake up and the train you were running after will left the station without you. Don’t let this happen to you.


Today, take a moment. You don’t have to take the day off. Just take a few minutes and make a call to someone you love and tell him/her. Send a quick note from your so beloved smartphone. Plan a cool activity with your kids or with friends over the next weekend. Do something for people that truly matters to you… because they might be not be there when you will become available.


Have you ever felt that you are running for nothing? What have you done to change this in your life?

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Too many people get caught up in the here and now and don’t realize what they are missing out on. Adversely, too many people–especially in the beginning of relationships–want to give up all their time to be with that person. In both situations, the relationships don’t work out. Life is about balance. We don’t just wake up one day with that balance but we must work to find that balance before we and others can truly be happy.

Hey Mary,

you are right about the fact that too many people concentrate all their time and effort in a new relationship. Eventually, it’s hard to go back to your old friends that you have put on the backburner! hahaha!

I’ve seen a quote about entrepreneurs that says something like “We work for a couple of years the way most people won’t, so we can live the rest of our lives the way most people can’t.” Its always going to be a battle between what you should sacrifice for different gains, but the points you make here are very true. Taking some time to slow down and be present is so important.

Most successful entrepreneurs did work like crazy for several years. I guess you just hope to make it because the price to pay is quite high if you fail… it’s definitely a matter of having a balance in your life!

by: OttawaGuy | May 7th, 2013 (7:40 am)

First, GO SENS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While I plan for the future. I always make room for the now. I do this with travel. My #1 passion. I have two funds that get cash every month. One is for big trips the other is for smaller ones. and I generally take two trips a year.

I see so many people who get caught up in the race. School, partner, career, married, house, kids. It’s like they are not comfortable with themselves unless they are following this path (like all their friends usually) It’s just not for me…..


Introspective post man.

The key is to do what you love as much as possible. You’ll find happiness and peace this way. Life is too short not to enjoy the ride.


by: The Financial Blogger | May 7th, 2013 (6:10 pm)


I was waiting for you Ottawa Guy and My Own advisor;-)

tonight, the Habs are coming back in the playoff!

There are definite days where I think why a I running so hard and fast? Hmm…I do want financial independence. So far, I have been doing a pretty good job of managing work and life. It hasn’t always been like this, but I am less stressed. Remember work smart, not hard. :p