June 7, 2012, 6:00 am

What to do With The Launch of Your Next Product

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Are you thinking about launching your own product? Are you looking to make some serious moves on your blog?

For some reason many bloggers have contacted me about selling their own product. Yet most of them tell me that they just don’t know where to start. I wanted to try to help out a bit today.

Just last week I unleashed Start Freelancing Now to the world.

I’ve launched two products thus far. I wish I could say that I’m making millions in passive income. I’m not. Life goes on. No time to feel sorry for myself. I’m proud to have taken action. Now I’m looking at tweaking the process.

I have learned from my own experiences, from consuming every book or blog post on the topic, and from speaking with others about how this process works.

Let’s look at what to do with the launch of your next product:

The pre-launch phase…

What do you do before you release your product to the world?

  • Build hype. You need to let people know that your product is coming. Elvis could come back to life, but if nobody promotes it, then nobody will hear about it. Building hype is simple. Just talk about it all of the time. I personally love to talk smack, so this is nothing new to me.
  • What do people get by buying your product? Think about what exactly it is that you’re trying to promote to the world.
  • Review the order page. Create an order page and then review it like a lunatic over and over and over again. Fix it as needed. Accept criticism. Change things as needed.
Then you can actually do what you’ve been dying to do.

The actual launch…

What happens here? You try to get some sales.

  1. Write a strong message to your readers. This is what I need to improve on the most. It’s not easy to convince someone to be separated from their money. I’ve been told that you need to write a strong message. I’ve been working on this and I realize that I need to use more emotions to convey my points.
  2. Add bonuses for urgency. Apparently bonuses and such are supposed to work because they entice readers to take immediate action. Have you seen any good bonuses recently?
  3. Host a give away or find other ways to spread the word. This is where you try to be creative and spread the word. They say that sex is like advertising: only losers pay for it.

Time for a nap! Or maybe not…


Keep in touch with customers. I totally appreciate anyone that spends even a penny on me or anyone that even pays me with their attention. Attention is next to impossible to capture these days. I make sure to email every single customer with a personal thank you note, bonuses, and the opportunity to chat on Skype. I also try to keep in touch to ensure that they read the guide and at least applied one thing from it.

There will be many eyes on you, so watch what you do. The last thing that I noticed with every launch is that your traffic increases due to all of the guest posts, reviews, and social media promotion. This means that you’ll have plenty of eyes on your blog. It’s important that you try to deliver quality while fighting the temptation to relax.

That’s what I’ve learned from two product launches. I plan on doing many more in the future. Why stop? I plan on improving and learning from each launch, just as I try to do in every other area of life.

I also must note that this isn’t the greatest piece for anyone that’s a huge fan of passive income. The only possible good news is that you could outsource most of these tasks if your project is successful.

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I’m hoping to create a product down the road but right now I’m just focusing on my blog growth. You make a lot of great points I’ll have to keep in mind when I eventually get around to it!

Nice points. I believe these steps would be helpful not only for an online business but any business in general.

Good luck on your launch man!