April 28, 2009, 5:00 am

What I Have Learned From My MBA Colleagues

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: MBA
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I am almost done with my MBA (only one class left and my final paper!) and I wanted to write a “tribute” to some people in my class and what I have learned from them. Overall, I don’t think I have learned much from classes but I definitely grew as a human being with my classmates.

I won’t obviously name people on my blog (some people in the class actually read The Financial Blogger 😉 ), so I decided to give them name (no offence 😉 ).


This is actually the person I learned the most and we even became friend along the way. Genius got his name because he was on top of his game in everything: MBA, work, family… this is very impressive.

Most impressive, we have several common points and it showed me how I could evolve (as he is 10 years older than me 😉 ). I have the tendency of going straight to the point without caring much about how things are said. If I don’t like something, my main concern is to get my point through… regardless if it could hurt or not. Genius showed me that there was a way to get your point through, speak your mind, but still do it in a nice way.

I was encouraged to know that he was like me at my age. This shows that I can change and still get my point.

He also taught me to choose your battle and sit back when it is unnecessary. For me, “fighting” is a sport. Every time I see something wrong, I have to stand up and talk about it. However, it is very tiring and it doesn’t always give what you expected from it. I hope to remember this lesson when I feel the urge of joining the fight next time ;-). Sometimes, you have much more to lose when you win!

Being a manager for several years, he also showed me to take a global point of view on a situation. I learned take a step back and think about the situation once more before jumping into the jungle and start working. I am usually successful in what I do, but I understood that I would become even more successful and productive by taking that step back.

So if there are 3 lessons that Genius told me, there are:

#1 You can fight, but you have to do it with tact.

#2 You should choose your battle, you can lose more energy than what you will win out of each battle.

#3 Take a step back before doing something.

Genius is not the only person that I am grateful in my MBA. I will continue this small series in the upcoming days in order to make sure I don’t forget anybody!

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