May 27, 2009, 5:30 am

What I Have Learned From My MBA Colleagues Part 4

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Since there are 35 people in my class, I will obviously not talk about everyone (on the other side, this would give me a hell of a series to write!). So today will be my final post about my MBA Colleagues along with a few “famous quotes”.


Mommy is actually the incarnation of nice. She is always thinking about the others, having great comments for everybody, she is Misses kindness. I have learned from her that being nice with people and really care about them requires a lot of time and effort but comes with great rewards as well. You easily gain the respect from others and they are also willing to help at any time. She is a wonderful person and I wish she will gain more confident through her MBA as she tends to underestimate herself. I guess this is typical from humble person… Maybe one day I will learn to be humble 😉 LOL!

I’m more important than you

When you get a bunch of managers and professionals together, you can be assured of one thing: there are a few pains that will come in the group. I have met a few people who think that their schedule is impossible, who think that they have so much to do that they arrange the schedule of everybody. They always have a good reason for being late, for giving work last minute or for forgetting their appointment. It is up to the others to readjust as they really can’t help it as “it’s not their fault”. In fact, it never is ;-). These people usually come as strong character and will try to establish their credibility through power and affirmation. In general… they don’t last long around me ;-). More seriously, these people will go through a lot of stuff but most people won’t really like them. So to all the “I’m more important than you”, I suggest you go back read about Mommy and try to act like her ;-).

No Worries

I guess this is the kind of people that piss me off the most: they don’t know what their doing, they don’t know what they are talking about, but they do it with such confidence and BS and they have the guts to tell you “don’t worry, I’m on it”. When you don’t know what you are talking about, please don’t pretend that you know! Once, we were at 24 hours to give our final paper that worth 50% of our marks. The girl sends the “final version” by email (in the middle of the afternoon) with the following comment: “here’s the final version, I’m going to print it in 30 minutes”. I was the only one who took a week of vacation before the exams so I was the first one to open the file. The girl copied twice my part inside the paper and accidentally erased 10 pages of the document (10 pages who were actually crucial to our paper). That was her meaning of a “final version”. When I emailed her back in a great hurry (remember, she was going to print everything within 30 minutes) telling her about her mistakes, she replied:

“Relax Mike, there are no worries”.

As we didn’t want any worries, we kicked her out after this “incident”. What I really hate about those people is that they always have something to say. There are always right, even when they are deadly wrong.

So to end this series, here are some famous quotes from our MBA:

– The good is the enemy of improvement.

– I’m on it – no worries (yeah, right! Now I start to worry!).

I couldn’t make it to the class this Sunday morning because of the snowstorm. I was stuck at my vacation property down the snow hill (this was from a teacher that couldn’t make it back to Montreal because she went skiing all day and didn’t feel like coming back to the city during the evening even though the snowstorm alert forecast was on for a few days already).

– The quintescence of the patente (this is not French, nor English, this is Frenglish!).

– You know what impresses me? A dog that can li… himself! (that is coming from Conspiracy Theory man).

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Coool post!

Hey you can learn from your family, friends, co-workers, schoolmates, roommates, but you can also from taxi drivers, burger flippers, servors, cashiers, …

hehehe I don’t have to get a MBA to learn 😉