November 28, 2008, 6:00 am

What I Have Learned About Home Renovation Part2

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– Deceptions and problem solving –

This post was written after my first day of home renovation. We actually hired someone to do the work as my 3 year old son is better than me with a hammer! I was so excited to come back home and see what has been done. I had my home renovation in my all day at work… Then I came back, drop my coat in the lobby, kiss the kids and saw the look in my wife’s face. “Did plan changed about the location of the home theatre door that we are doing?”. Obviously, the answer was no…

When I went downstairs, I saw that the hole for the door was done and it was opening exactly where I wanted to put my couch… Not very convenient! All right, another hole to be made tomorrow (and a few hours wasted doing it!).

Then, I look around and I don’t see much. There was the whole and the electricity that was done. Even though I know it requires time to set things up, most of his job has been done inside the walls so I couldn’t see anything. Quite disappointing.

Yipee! There was good news! He plugged my modem on the first floor so my desktop can have internet access again (you can imagine the fight when my wife wants to go on the internet and I need to “work” on my blog). Having 2 computers plugged on internet was a necessity. So I open my desktop and wait… no internet! I look at the modem and there was no signal. It was an old cable plug that I never used… and apparently it was not working! So I had to take my modem and rooter in the basement, covered by a piece of plastic.

So I learned that when you start renovations, there will always be uncontrollable stuff that will happen and that you must be very clear when you ask something to be done. Since I learned from my mistakes, I decided to draw plan of each room to be renovated. Since I am not home when the guy is working, this was the only ways for me to make sure he understands our needs and what I have in mind. Hopefully I won’t have any other disappointment in the upcoming weeks!!

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We are also doing some work at home but in a much bigger scale. We basically had the house gutted to redo proper insulation, plumbing and electricity. So much work needs to done that we are out of the house for a month. We made sure we got architect plans but there are still surprises on a daily basis. It is true that even with the best preparation, the estimates you get will always go overboard.
Good luck

I have learned that I should always be there at home when I’m having work done on the house.

Here’s an example: If I had not been home, my heat exchanger would have been screwed on to the side of my house, right under a bedroom window and blocking the pathway that goes from the driveway to the patio.

Good luck!

by: The Financial Blogger | November 29th, 2008 (1:16 pm)

If I was able to be home during my renovation, I would have save a lot of time, money and energy! The very first day, the guy made a hole in a wall to put a new door. However, it was far from the original position of the new door. The next day, he had to repair that hole and create a new one. At $25/hour, mistakes are pretty expensive 😉

I can only feel 1/10 of your pain 😉 good luck with your project!

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