April 29, 2009, 5:00 am

What Can You Do Against A Lack of Inspiration?

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It’s been 3-4 days in a row that I don’t find anything to write about. Every morning, I sit in the bus, open my laptop and stare at a white Word document for 10 minutes and I start a movie or I close my eyes (I am really tired these days!). So today I am trying something new; I will write about my lack of inspiration… this should get me started on another post 😉

While inspiration is definitely not related to personal finance, this post is not only for bloggers. As sources of inspiration are very similar to creativity sources, I thought that it may be useful for most people. We all have to create for our job, when our kids are bored or to impress our new girlfriend 😉 So here are a few tricks to keep going even when you “don’t feel like it”.

Get ahead in your stuff

This is probably the best trick I found against lack of inspiration while blogging. I always have for at least a week of post in draft. Therefore, I can stop writing for 2-3 days without having readers pissed at me; they still have something to read and they don’t even notice!

Time and pressure are both inspiration killers. The more you think about the fact that you have to create/write/produce something, the less idea you have to do it. When I start thinking that I need to write a post now since I am late in my posting schedule, I close my laptop and start doing something else.

Do everything but creating

Creativity is like a little beast; it doesn’t show when it is expected as it is scared 😉 Therefore, if you do anything else but what you should be doing, your subconscious will start creating and you won’t even be aware of it.

A great trick is to get to sleep. Sleep is probably the biggest producer of inspiration. It clears up all the mess in your head and your brain can finally create without being disturbed by daily thoughts such as “I’m going to be late”, “I’m hungry”, “oohh… this one is pretty cute!”… just kidding 😉

Take down all your ideas

Sometimes, inspiration comes in a rush and you suddenly get a ton of good ideas. Instead of starting on working on your favourite one right away, I suggest you write them all on a piece of paper (or on your laptop) but without working on any of them. You will then be able to create a “creativity basket” through this brain storming. Our brain is a marvellous engine; we don’t know how exactly we an start it up, but once it is up and running, it does awesome things!

So about once a week, I simply sit and write down ideas. It appears that the more I write, the more I have in mind as one idea leads to another. The key is to not stop your brain by putting barriers. Don’t analyze the ideal; simply write it down and try to find another right away. You will have plenty of time to wonder what you were thinking while you wrote some really stupid ideas… however, creativity bursts don’t happen all the time. Out of 10 ideas, you might have 3 or 4 good ones, 1 or 2 awesome and the rest will be crap or not feasible. Don’t even delete them; just put them in a separate worksheet. One day, you might find a way to get them working 😉

Hey! This post really worked out for me! I just got a 600 words + article done in 15 minutes! But more importantly; the white word screen fear is gone!…. for now 😉

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