June 12, 2012, 5:00 am

What Can Be Done in 6 Hours

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Today I’m about to shock you with an absolute truth.


Something we are all in denial about but still, it is what it is.


We all think that the guy next beside us has more of it than we do.


We all think that there are some shady tricks that we don’t know about to make more out of it.


Nothing is further from the truth.


The truth is that we only have 24 hours in a day!


You, me, the girl next door… it’s all the same. 24 short hours a day to do what we have to do.


“but for me it’s different”


“It takes me one hour to go to work each day”


“I have to bring my 3 kids to daycare”


“I have a huge house to clean”


“I have to take care of my parents”


“I take evening classes on top of my day job”


Yeah… I hear you but all it does to my ear is “blah blah blah”.

 multitasking kills

Been there, done that. The result is the same: you have 24 hours to make it until tomorrow. We all do. The successful guy right beside you has the same time as you do. One difference is the level of sacrifice he is willing to take and you’re not. Now let’s assume you are past that and are ready to make sacrifices (this may include skipping your favorite TV show, not going to the movies or stop golfing…doh!). I’m currently growing my company with SIX hours a week. Nope, I didn’t write Sixteen or Sixty; just SIX.


Note that I used a special word. I didn’t use the word “working on my company”, I used “growing my company”. Besides the time I need to spend writing articles (this is working on my company), I spend six hours to grow it. Growing my company means adding value, to work on something that will generate more money. I only have six hours to do it per week. What do I do during these six hours? Here’s are a few examples that you can use for your own company/blog to make sure your use your time in order to:


Niche Site Creation


I’m getting fairly sharp in my niche site creation process (here’s the technique I use to create niche sites). I can say that within 20 hours I can have a site online with great content. My latest attempt was an EMT Classes site. I did it in February 2012. Since then, the site has already made $109.56. By the end of this year, I expect this site to earn over $100/month. When you consider that I have invested about 20 hours and $210 in design & promotion, it’s a pretty good deal. If I consider that I am “worth” $50/hour, this will take me a little bit more than a year to recoup my cost in the worst case scenario. I’m planning to create several other niche sites like this in 2012 since I’m now done writing my eBook.


Newsletter Funnel Writing


You are probably familiar by now with my $463 email post. This was a revealing moment for me as a single email sent to my newsletter subscribers made almost $500. 1 email = $463. Can you believe it? Yesterday, I told you that I worked on another email for my newsletter and am expecting more than $1,000 in income this time. What I basically do during my six hours is that I take time to seek out affiliate deals and study them. I usually ask for free access so I can go through their services and see if I like it or not. When I do, I take about 2 hours to write a strong email or a series of emails that will eventually lead to an affiliate offer (this is what we call a “funnel”). This takes more time than writing a simple newsletter where you give awesome content. The content must not only be awesome but you have to go somewhere with it. This means that you need to make a plan and know how you start your email, where it’s going and how it’s going to end with a call to action from your readers. Sometimes it works beautifully whereas with others you get “okay” results. I just made $200 from my last newsletter project; this was an “okay” result. Still, with roughly 2 hours per project, it is really worth it!


eBook Writing


This is no secret; I’ve spent the last year writing two dividend eBooks. They are in the final stage before the launch so I now have a lot of free time to work on other projects. Writing a 150+ page eBook with only 6 hours a week requires a lot of planning prior to writing your first page. It’s important to have a detailed plan! I actually used the first 6 hours to simply get my plan on paper and generate all my titles and subtitles. Some of them have changed over the process but most of my eBook looks like the original plan.


Creating Various Projects


During this very precious six hours, I also use a moment to work on various projects. Besides newsletters, niches sites and eBook writing, we also have other types of sites under construction. Each quarter we establish a short list of priorities and work on them. This is how we put a small eBook together and put it up for sale on one of our niche sites. This eBook is currently making $30/month over the past five months! We also work on group projects with other bloggers to increase link building and friendship among the blogosphere!


Keyword Research and Article Planning


The last thing I usually do during this window of growth for my company is keyword research and article planning. This is a step specifically aimed at search engine optimization and earning more Google Adsense. Since the market is constantly evolving, we can’t let SEO go and ignore this aspect of our business. After all, a good chunk of our income depends on it! I use Market Samurai (click on the link to see how I use it) to build my keyword bank and generate high quality articles that will also be SEO’d. Yes, you can almost say that I’m evil  hahaha!


I obviously wish I had more time on hand than a scant six hours to grow my business. But I’m pretty busy as you are and I would rather spend more time with my family than hidden away in my basement working on my computer! The point is to determine a number of hours that you will use to grow your side business efficiently and stick to that schedule. With these efforts, you will definitely be able to achieve great things!¸



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You’ve hit one of my time leaks on the head. I multitask too much and get a lot less done. Sometimes I think I’m ADD but I know that is just an excuse for me. I must focus more to get more done!

by: The Financial Blogger | June 13th, 2012 (5:41 am)


I once thought that multitasking was the solution to get more done. After a while, I’ve found that focusing on a few tasks at the same time is way more productive!

Great post. We all have issues with productivity at times but establishing blocks of tasks that need to be done can really help make use of our time I find.

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