April 19, 2012, 6:00 am

What Are The Benefits of Partying in Your 20s?

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We looked at saving money in your 20s already. Today I wanted to have some fun and talk about spending money. One of the most common ways that we spend money in your 20s is on going out (or drinking in other terms). If you don’t drink at all then that’s cool. Many college students/young professionals spend a great majority of their time on going out. Instead of feeling guilty about going out, I wanted to look at the bright side here.

What are the benefits of partying in your 20s?

Alcohol is your friend.

After a few drinks it’s much easier for you to open up. It’s also much easier for others to start chatting. Alcohol is your friend when it comes to meeting new people. Everyone loosens up and becomes more open with each other. If you’re shy or have any social issues, you can start off by using alcohol to break down those barriers.

You get to work on your social skills.

Social skills can be everything based on the type of field that you choose to work on. This is why it’s important that you work on your social skills. If you can’t get a conversation going after a few drinks then you have some work ahead of you. I used to be a nervous punk in my teens. I would have to drink to talk to anyone. After working on my social skills for several years, I now have no problem with approaching anyone from beautiful women to successful individuals dead sober. You just have to work on your social skills while enjoying drinks first.

You can meet new people.

I love to meet new people. You can easily build your network just by getting out more often. Your friends will bring friends and those friends will bring friends. Next thing you know and you have a bunch of new friends after a night out. This has happened to me so many times. I go out with a new friend and after a few drinks I feel like I’m apart of their social circle. You can build this to be a connector or just someone that has a lot of friends. For me, life is all about meeting new people. You can either help someone out, they can help you, or you’ll just have a great time together.

You never know who you’ll meet.

You really don’t know who you’ll run into and share a beer with. On trips and random nights out I’ve met people that range from celebrities to millionaires just by sharing a drink or two. Just by going out and being social, you’ll be surprised by who you can meet on this interesting journey. I have some friends that don’t care for going out (which is cool). The problem with this is that they haven’t grown or done anything interest in the last few years. Just by meeting someone new you can totally change your perspective on something major (career decisions).

Those are the benefits of going out in your 20s. Sure you can argue the health problems associated with drinking and the money spent. However, I strongly believe that life is all about balance. If you work hard and are wise with your money most of the time, it won’t hurt you to go out and enjoy yourself once in a while.

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I do think there are benefits to partying in your 20s too. Some people just have to get it out of their system so that they can say they lived that lifestyle and can be more responsible in their future. You don’t want to be that person who avoided having fun when you were younger and always regretted it.

This only works if that is the purpose of going out in your 20s. Most young people who party a lot do not have a purpose. The usual answer is I was too drunk to meet anybody.