October 14, 2009, 5:00 am

What Annoys Me

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Miscellaneous
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annoyingI am upset. I actually don’t have a specific reason to be upset, Yet I know that I am. Things didn’t happen as they were supposed to today and I have to write about it. This is how you know I wrote this post Monday evening after a “not so great” day! I decided to write about all the little things that tend to annoy me. Nothing to jump up and down about, nothing to be depressed about, just enough to tick you off, but good. So don’t expect to learn much today, perhaps you will at least rejoice knowing that you are not alone 😉


The funniest part about blackberries is that I have one and I love it. However, I keep it in my pocket when I am with someone. When people take their phone and put it on the table and check it every 2 minutes to make sure they are not missing something, I just tell them:

You are missing something! Quality time with people around you! I just don’t get it, what is sooooo important that you have to check your email or answer your phone when a friend calls. You basically answer just to tell him where you are and with whom… what is the point? The worst part is that it is such a common practice that I feel alone as the only one upset by the fact! It happens all the time; among friends and at work! They don’t listen and prefer chatting with someone else during a meeting instead of actively participating and solving current issues… There was once something called etiquette, I guess they replaced it with e-ticket!


Then again, I am a parent too (I guess this is why it annoys me so much!). Parents have this ridiculous tendency of thinking their child won’t be able to do anything alone. That “daddy” has to be around because his little teddy bear will be scared if the pair are left alone.

During the first day of soccer, the coach asked all parents to stay off of the field so he doesn’t lose control of all the kids. If a little one doesn’t want to do an exercise, he will jump into mummy’s arms and start crying. However, if he doesn’t see her around, he will have no other choice but to stand up and put more effort into it.

Then, 3 weeks later, 80% of the parents were sitting on the team bench and going after their kids when they didn’t want to play. So the more they do it, the more kids don’t want to play….because they finally have attention from their parents! So please, please, please, pretty please; listen to the coach when he tells you to keep to the sidelines. You are not helping your children if you stay by his side every second of his life. Because one day, like it or not, you won’t be there anyways!

People that are late

“I’m late but…”. With those people, there is always a good reason why they are late. It is never their fault. It is always some cosmic justice that got in their way. In fact, one of my friends told me the truth about people that are always late: nothing matters more than themselves,… so selfish! Therefore, the only person they care about is number 1. So, it’s not important if they are late, they just had something way more important than meeting you on time and this is why they are late…. Pretty convenient!

In the end…

Whoa! This feels great! I think I should do a “I’m annoyed when…” more often! I’m not perfect (far from it) but I try my best to show respect to people around me. I think this is what annoys me the most: we are living in a world where people always have a good reason to negatively impact the lives of others. Individualism has its good points but sometimes, we should remember that we are living on the same planet, in the same country, city, street as our neighbors… that HEY! I am right beside you so why don’t you smile back!

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What annoys me is: Obnoxious cell phone ringtones, Abuse of power, Losing my stuff, When I get hurt, Picky people not willing to make any compromise, People who are mean on purpose or hurt others intentionally, Feeling sick, Fire exercise, Mosquitoes, Burning my tongue on something hot, … whooaaaa that feels better you are right!!!

by: The Financial Blogger | October 14th, 2009 (9:13 am)

there is nothing like telling the world what annoys you to feel better about it 😉

I agree with you completely! I actually go even farther with being annoyed at cell phone etiquette, as I don’t think that anyone should read a text or answer a call when they’re actually with a person, unless they’re expecting a really important message from someone (“Your wife’s in labour”, “I got the job!”, “Your husband’s out of surgery and he’s fine”, etc.). Or if they phone twice in a row, which kind of says it’s important. Otherwise, it’s saying that the person on the other end of the phone is just that much more important to you than the person you’re with.

I also hate people who interrupt others when they’re speaking. I used to have regular meetings at work with a bunch of people who did this all the time. It’s just plain rude, not to mention egotistical. Good riddance to the lot of them!

Haha, nice rant!

I agree with the whole blackberry thing – I try to give my full and undivided attention when I’m in a conversation with someone.. it annoys me to no end when someone is constantly checking their blackberry or iphone!!!

With respect to people being late… over the last few years, I’ve realized how important my time is, and how annoying it is when people waste it, sometimes deliberately!!

On top of that.. I find it annoying when perfectly able-bodied people take the elevator to the 2nd floor when you KNOW they’ve waited like 5 minutes for the elevator.. they could have simply taken the stairs and been there in 1 minute!


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