July 28, 2007, 6:00 am

Weekend Roundup: July 23rd to July 27th

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Weekend Roundup: July 23rd to July 27th


Yikes, that was a bad week on the market! I am pretty sure I will not show positive result next week for my Smith Manoeuvre monthly update! In the meantime, here is this week recap:


July 23rd : Is the Smith Manoeuvre a Secure Way to Create Wealth? : In this post about the Smith Manoeuvre, I try to change our perception of our mortgage and see it as a simple rent. Remember, risk is nothing real, it is only a perception.


July 24th: My Big Plan for Retirement Part 1: Where Am I At? : I am starting my plan to retirement. I know, I am only 25 but I need to get this thing going if I want to drive my Beamer to the golf course every morning at 55!


July 25th: Selling My House, Quite an Experience Part 2: I am doing a comparison between selling your house with an agent (see previous article) and selling it by your own.


July 26th: My 100th Post! : Yep, my first milestone since I started this blog in November. I must admit that writing 1 or 2 posts a week was not really blogging back then. I really started this blog seriously this May. I am really happy to find out that many people like my blog!


July 27th: Ethanol? You Must Be Kidding Me! : Is Ethanol the energy source of the future? I am not convinced by that. Read this post if you want to find out why.


An extra note on this beautiful Saturday, my wife is due on July 29th, but do not worry, I prepared post for next week. It is just that I will not comment that much for the next two weeks. See ya!

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