November 5, 2008, 6:00 am

We Are Going For It!

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Personal Finance,Project $1500
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It is funny to think that our Daycare Project was being debated for a good 2 months and the week after I write about it, we decided to go for it! I think that writing about it helped me putting everything in place and my wife and I discussed it again with a different perspective. Now that we are all excited about this new project, we have a lot of things to do in order to be ready to welcome those little angels!|

Our efforts paid!

Those who have been reading this blog for a while will remember that I was working for a year on the $1,500 project. Back in September 2007, I gave myself a year to increase our cash flow by $1,500 a month in order to give my wife the opportunity to stay with our kids until they go to school. Last September, I post my latest results on my project and deception since I didn’t achieve my goal in the required time. However, our efforts were not lost since we increased our cash flow enough to accept the drop of income incurred by the fact of having a daycare at home.

In fact, I was wondering why we didn’t start the daycare right away last year. I pulled out my old calculation sheets and find out that the daycare revenue were not sufficient to cover for our expenses. The irony stands when my wife’s daycare will be accredited by the government. She will actually make more money than she is right now. The problem is that since it’s a government program, we know when we start the process, but we have no clue as of when we will receive our accreditation. Anyway, in both cases, we can live with the “temporary” drop of income.

It requires time and planning

Since we want the children to be in a nice environment, we decided to finish our basement and build a bathroom on the same floor. Those changes will improve both children and my wife’s working environment. This will definitely be a plus to compensate the extra hours.

In order to do so, I need a contractor and to plan everything so the daycare will be ready for January 5th. We thought it would be nice if my wife can stop working before Christmas and start the daycare after the holidays. So we are now shopping around for the best deals on materials and bathroom equipment.

Projects make us feel alive 😀

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Way to GO! I know my wife likes running her daycare at home. Yes it has it problems, but overall she loves the job.

If you need some advice or help from someone drop me an email. I know talking to my Aunt who used to do it was a huge help for my wife and I.


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