January 5, 2016, 5:30 pm

Trading Binary Options with Bitcoins

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Within the past couple of years more and more people have started trading binary options. Binary options trading are different from trading traditional options because you do not actually make any type of purchase. Instead of buying stocks or bonds from a company or on the market you are simply making a bet to determine whether the price of a stock or commodity will go up or down within a set amount of time.


Trading binary options is done by purchasing a contract that states whether or not you think a certain asset is going to finish above or below a specified price within a set amount of time. The time frame is called the expiry. The expiry can last from as little as 30 seconds to several months away. If you choose correctly at the end of the time you will win the trade. The amount you win is a bit less than 100%, with many brokers paying from 65% to 85%.


Some of the assets that can be traded through binary options include currencies, stocks, commodities, and indices.


Bitcoin and Binary Options


With the rise in popularity of the online currency bitcoin, there has been interest by many traders to be able to use bitcoins for payment on binary options broker’s sites. Many safe binary options brokers have seen this trend and have started to allow their clients to make trades using bitcoins. This recognition of bitcoins as a currency has helped to expand the growth of the binary options market. While many brokers are currently only offering bitcoin as a pair with the United States dollar, some binary options brokers are opening up that deal with bitcoins only.


Bitcoin only Binary Options Brokers


There are several binary options brokers that are now offering bitcoins as a means of exchange. This means that all of the prices for binary options being traded are quoted using bitcoins as the currency. The benefit of this type of site for traders is that they get to earn bitcoins from the binary options brokers bitcoin account.




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