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Tips on Budgeting for a Wedding – Getting Married Without Going Broke

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img_0036Relationships can be like video games; they work on different levels.

Level 1: you look at the girl and she looks back at you.

Bonus points: you smile and she smiles back!

Level 2: you ask her out, she says yes.

Bonus points: you get a kiss after a nice evening (the bonus points decrease according to the number of dates before the first kiss).

Level 3: you go out on a regular basis and you are officially boyfriend/girlfriend.

Bonus points: your girlfriend gets along with your friends.

Level 4: you decide to move in together.

YOU ARE NOT MARRIED ERROR: CANNOT READ DISK: your game may bug and even reset depending on your religion and/or parents (or in-laws of course).

In order to avoid the fatal error and remain in the game, you need to make a move. You can either stay at level 3, get experience points by fighting monsters (arguments), finding stronger shields (special moments that bring you closer together), find hidden caves with treasure (you know what I mean 😉 ) and wait until you make sure you are serious about this game.

Once you are ready, there is a final step, the ultimate level: getting married (or so you think, there are special upgrade packages (being a parent, buying a house, etc.) once you complete it 😉 ).

Once both agree and you are willing to get married, the very first step is to make a list, a budget for your wedding. Spending money on a wedding is probably one of the easiest things on earth!

#1 Tip on Budget for weddingmake a list first

If I can give you only one tip for your wedding, there are a few different lists that need to be looked at before you start a wedding budget.

Budget what you need for your wedding

– Pastor

– Church

– Wedding dress

– Wedding rings

– Guests

– Meal

– Ballroom

– Wine (and comes the great question; open bar?)

You would technically be able to organize a wedding with this very short list. However, you also have to consider your (read the bride’s) priorities on a lot of details such as:

Budget what you want for your wedding

– Maid of Honor, Best man

– Flowers

– Car

– Music / DJ

– Decoration

– Invitation cards

– Photographer (video?)

– Gifts (for guests)

– etc.

Budget what resources you have for the wedding

Your main resources will obviously be your own budget 😉 You can also choose to receive help from parents and in-laws (and any accompanying requests for long lost relatives and friends to attend). But besides those, I would not count other gifts in your wedding budget. Those should come as a surprise and good news if you receive more money than expected ;-).

I had actually experienced my wedding without owing a penny (I actually didn’t make money either!). So I thought that since my best friend is getting married next year, I would look back to share my tips to save and budget wedding expenses in a frugal manner.

Disclaimer: with all due to respect to relationships, they are not to be considered games and any reference to such was purely an exaggeration on my part to make a point!

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Yes, I will certainly follow your posts on weddings. I am also getting married too next year 😉 It’s going to be a great year!!

Thank you!! And to others, if you have any other tips, please feel free to comment!!!

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Another budget-stretcher. Eliminate the expense of a “church” and a “ball room” from your preliminary list and hold your ceremony and reception in one venue.

I would also recommend saving for a wedding before you are even dating someone. Most of us know if we want to be married or not, and we know it’s going to costs money. If you set aside a small amount of money every month, by the time the day arrives, you will have already saved up money to go towards it. This will lower the stress level some. 🙂 Apply the frugal tips on here to the big day, and you have got a win-win situation.