August 24, 2010, 5:00 am

This is What I Call Passive Income

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Alternative Income,Make Money Online
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I am writing this post on my deck, admiring a beautiful afternoon outside while my kids are sleeping. I just finished building a nice fireplace in my yard and I have decided to pull out my laptop for the very first time since I am on vacation (it’s my second week already!). I haven’t have to work much over the past 2 weeks and still, my online income is coming in… this is what I call passive income!

When I go on vacation, my wife has imposed a rule; no blackberry during the day and no laptop either. I can’t say that I find her too rough with me since vacation should be used to disconnect from everything and enjoy your time. Since today she is taking a nap with the kids, I have decided to enjoy my afternoon with a nice bowl of ice cream while writing this post.

Wait, this ain’t passive income since you are writing during your vacation !?!

Right, technically, I am working right now and if I work while on vacation, I am not earning passive income. However, what really is really happening right now is that before taking out my laptop and writing something, I had evaluated my options:

#1 Take a nap (too boring and I don’t like wasting my time with sleep even though my body requires a rest once in a while.)

#2 Read a book (I am currently (finally!) reading The 4 Hour Workweek and enjoying every single page. But right now, I just didn’t feel like thinking too much 😉 ).

#3 Play MarioKart (All right, I want to play right now but I would rather write a few articles before I turn on the TV 😉 )

#4 Write

This is obviously the option I have chosen. The fact is that each time I write an article, I’m having fun. I don’t consider this as work for my online company. When I coach my VA, deal with advertisers, search for keywords or interesting affiliate programs, this is called work. But when I write, I am just having fun. The fact is when I don’t write for 2 or 3 days, I have plenty of ideas that fill my head and I just need to write them down.

The nice thing about the online company is that all the other tasks that are really considered work can either be:

#1 postponed

#2 delegated to my VA

#3 ignored

Obviously, I cannot ignore most of my tasks for a long time but I can just put all my projects on the shelf and let my blogs run. Everytime I go on vacation, I am not completely available and my blogs get the same amount of traffic (or almost). Sometimes it feels like I could just take their income and do nothing and it would still work for a few months… maybe a year.

When I wake up in the morning and I secretly look at my blackberry to see how much I made yesterday, I realize how cool it is to have a sideline making money. I not only receive my day job pay check as usual, I am also getting my sideline pay check too!

While reading The 4 Hour Workweek, I have plenty of ideas to automate more of my routine and try to earn more money with less work. I hope it will happen in the upcoming year!

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This is really wonderful life that I want to have too! This is what we should call life is. Working form 9-5 is really a disaster.

Ha! You are making me envious….enjoy your vacation. Are you a Mint Chocolate Chip type of guy? 🙂

I would be interested in reading another post about VA’s, particularly a sort of review if you have used more than one VA house. I am thinking of hiring a VA to update and keep the content of my webstore fresh.

Do you mind sharing how much you’re making with this site? Is this the only site? What it is the ratio between traffic and clicks/revenue? I’m curious because I’m thinking of starting a website as well, and would like to estimate possible income. Thanks!

Sounds like we share similar values. After I put my daughter to bed (at 7pm), I could just sit on the couch and watch TV…but I choose to spend that time writing or checking out other blogs, getting ideas for new content, etc. That’s actually why I started a blog, I spent so much time reading them over the past year that I thought I could be doing something more productive with my free time, and hopefully earn a bit of side income for myself too.

Congrats on being in this position, everyone needs a hobby on the side, and you’ve obviously made a great choice to do something you love.

So jealous! =) Writing while having a glass of wine in the porch at dusk is my idea of bliss.

My boyfriend tells me to stop checking my blog too, but I secretly do. =) It’s hard not to, it’s so fun!

It shows that you love writing- so please keep doing it!

Sorry meant ‘on’ not ‘in’.
Long day at my 9-5 job lol. =)

@ JP;
I’m more like a Doritos type of guy ;-). I’ll write more about my VA later on, promise.

Don’t forget you have a wife too, she might feel the competition with your computer one day 😉

I know what you mean, I’ve had to fight my point that my blog would eventually generate money instead of wasting my time with my wife too!

My wife is probably playing Warcraft while I write this 😉

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4 Hour Work Week is such a great book. Even if you cant do everything that Tim suggests (and most of us cant do it all) it plants seeds for new ideas that accomplish similar results.

Oh and since you’re taking the doritos I’ll take whatever left over mint chip ice cream JP leaves 🙂

by: The Financial Blogger | November 29th, 2010 (8:55 am)

Haha, I’ll let you know, but ice cream gets less popular during winter here! 😉