January 27, 2010, 5:27 am

Thinking of The Perfect House

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Properties
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Since a very young age, I became accustomed to changing houses every two to three years. For a while, my parents used to buy a property, renovate it and flip it. Therefore, I have lived in 12 houses and I am only 28!

I guess this is why I am starting to look for another house already! After living in our house for the past 3 years, we have been searching the web for another home. We haven’t put our house for sale (we actually have several things to do before it is ready to market), but we are already looking to see what is available.

I guess we will be looking for a very long time because the list of things we want in our next house is quite extensive. So before talking about how we will modify and make our house more “marketable”, I will talk about what I am looking for in my “perfect house”.

Land and privacy

I am not a big fan of the suburbs. In fact, I prefer living downtown or far away ;-). Why look at the 2 opposites? Because a loft downtown and an acreage property represent 1 similar point: privacy. While living downtown means that you live in the middle of a crowd, everybody minds their own business. As for the acreage property, well, you just don’t have to see your neighbours that often ;-). Since I have a young family, I would rather have large plot of land than live in the middle of the urban jungle (read ‘city’). While I am not going to become a gentleman farmer just yet, I am looking more for a plot  around 40,000 to 60,000 square feet. I would like to have a lot of trees so I can spend a nice afternoon outside under the leaves breathing fresh air.


I do have a garage right now andI all I can say is that I really appreciate it!  (all men need a cave 😉 ) There are a tons of things that can fit in it and there is nothing more important than a car in a garage when it is -20 degrees outside!

A room over the garage

We tend to see this more and more often. Having an additional room over the garage offers the option of having a fourth bedroom on the second floor. You can also make this room a home theatre, a home office or a playroom. This gives great flexibility and space.

Open area

I don’t really like when the kitchen, the dining room and the living room are separated by walls. I like the impression of space when there are no walls. This also helps with luminosity in each room.

And a few other extras…

Since I am only at the “dreaming stage” and I am not calculating the full cost of everything I want, I started to stray into dangerous territory: everything I would like in my perfect house. This is why I would add a few other things….

A fireplace

I really like the look of a fireplace in a living room. It entices people to gather around and sit down to chat. It is also very relaxing. In a perfect world, the fireplace would be in the middle of the house so it would allow for slight delination between the dining room,  living room and has four open sides, a kind of hearth… whoa! That must be expensive!

More windows

If I would be fortunate enough to live on a bigger parcel of land with a lot of trees, I would add another room next to the dining room. I would be like an indoor porch adorned by windows from the knees to the 10 foot ceilings. This would be our reading and relaxing spot. Then again, this option is probably quite expensive!


I just love clothes! And since I don’t have one where I live, I would definitely like to have a walk-in in my next house, most likely two (to keep the peace). This would allow me to separate my suits from my casual clothes. And it would also make it easier with my better half rather than share this space with my wife 😉

What about you?

I would be curious to know what would you include in your perfect home? Which modifications have you made to your current place to make it better? It would likely give me some additional ideas 😉

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Perfect house huh? Let say:

Must: Air conditioning (great for summer), Garage, Big windows, Garden (swimming pool if possible), at least 2 floors, location near to parents, friends and work!!!!

Nice to have: Home Cinema, Fireplace, Open Area (perfect when receiving guest at home, kitchen and dining room only), Walk-in just for me!!!!

It’s fun when budget is unlimited!! Great post!

I moved quite a bit when I was younger, and have only recently purchased my own home. My home is what you would consider typical suburbia, however I’m within walking distance of the main shopping district of my city.

If I had to pick a few things to change it would be to add a garage, and have a larger outside area. We have 7500 sq ft but a quarter acre to about 17500 sq feet I think would be ideal. My problem is that I wouldn’t want to mow it, but that’s where Eco Lawn comes in 🙂

Why not build so that you get everything you want?

@ One Day,
It seems that we can buy our house together 😉 it would be cheaper that way

@ Traciatim,
I would consider 1 acre as the perfect size… As long as its full of trees 😉
8,000 sqft of lawn is more than enough 😉

I aconsider bvuilding my next home but I am still affraid of the size of the project!
It would make a awesome series on my blog though 😉

Ah! Neighbours minding their own business!!! My dream!!! Lolll 😀 Right now I own a duplex, wich means I have neighbours upstairs. My duplex is attached, wich means on the other side… 2 more neighbours… and there is another attached duplex on the other side… 3 more neighbours (they hide one in the basement mouhahahah!) and my backyard (quite large I must admit for living in the city… approx 1800sqft)… close to TWO houses! I have neighbours EVERYWHERE!!! They see EVERYTHING I DO! Arrrrrrrggggghhhh!

I hate this! So, next house, this will be at the top of my list of course 😉

I grew up in suburbs, and the fact that you can’t live without a car (if not 2) is annoying (to me). I lived in the city since my university years (should say party years in fact), and I really enjoyed being close to everything: transportation, little cafés and boutiques, open air market (I would prefer living close to the Marché Jean Talon but it was too expensive… so we bought elsewere). But when you live in the city, it is more expensive to own your house than when you live in the country… living in the suburbs is almost more expensive than in the city right now…

Maybe next house we will opt to be far, far away 😉 lots of windows, open floor plan, master bath, walk-ins, lots of land to garden… and 2 cars, I think it will be hard not to do so…

Hopefully, dreaming is still free 😀 I think I’ll go watch HGTV (again)

by: The Financial Blogger | January 28th, 2010 (9:28 am)

@Mama Zen,
if we don’t dream, we can’t make it happen ;-D