January 22, 2008, 6:19 am

The Waiting Time Before A Job Interview

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I recently had a job interview which I think it went pretty well. Unfortunately, what I really think about it does not really matter; I wish I could be able to read my (potential) future boss’ thoughts while I was answering her questions. Looking for another job is a complex process. What really kills me is the waiting time before and after the job interview. Isn’t the longest time of your life? Today, I’ll cover the waiting time before a job interview.


All right, so you are mentally prepared, looking great and you smell good. Now you are ready to meet your future boss and impress him/her. Oh but wait! You still have another hour to kill before you meet with your next employer. If you sit down and wait, you will start thinking about all kind of stuff and you will probably start panicking.

You have to get yourself somewhat busy but will have the concentration of a 7 years old waiting for Santa on Christmas’ Eve. You must occupy your mind with something stupid such as doing a crossword puzzle or play on your cell phone (trying out those worthless games they included in your package! Personally, I opened up my laptop and started writing. While I was not that coherent in my writing, it kept me busy enough.

You have to get to your appointment about 5-10 minutes prior to scheduled time. This shows that you are punctual but not to stressed to get there an hour before (even though you did!). Smile at people when they look at you, bring a magazine (not a newspaper, it’s too dirty!) and read (of pretend to!) an article in the waiting room.

Most employers will let you wait an additional 5 to 10 minutes after the scheduled time and then show up. They want to see how you react when you are stressed. So keep mind busy with your magazine or try to talk to someone if you are not waiting alone. That will show some good people skills.

Don’t look at your watch! It is useless anyway. It is not like your interviewer is scheduled as a TV shows and will appear at 10:00 just after the Super Bowl commercial! He/she will meet you at their conveniences, not yours.

Don’t eat gum! Many people get a gum before an interview to keep them busy and to make sure they have a fresh breath. Well you might smell good but you will look like a farmer as well!

Look around. This is a perfect opportunity that you get to analyse how people behave, what the working environment look like and what your feelings are about it. This will give you a good idea if you really want to work there or not!

Mentally revise your strong points. In order to feel more comfortable and more confident during your interview, review all your strong points. You will then feel ready to meet your future employer and perform.

So, did I get the job or not? I don’t know yet… I guess I’ll have to write more about it later on 😉

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