January 30, 2008, 7:00 am

The Waiting Time After An Interview

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Career
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It has been a few months that I applied for this job and that I had my job interview. In fact, it has been only a few days (a little bit more than a week) but it really seems like 6 months! Every morning I wake up and look at my email to see if I would receive something from my “future” employer. Every time the phone rings, I answer with a big smile hoping it is the phone call I’m waiting for.




While the waiting time before an interview is probably the most stressful period, the waiting time after an interview is the longest time ever. Why? Because you have no clue as of to when you will get an answer. They simply tell you that if you are chosen, they will contact you shortly. What does shortly mean anyway?


Did I answer right?

That is probably the most annoying question that is comfortably sitting in my mind since I had my interview. How would I know? Then, to reassure yourself, you are going through the interview a thousand times in your mind. At first, you find that you answered well and everything went accordingly.


But after a few days, you start wondering about a few questions. “Hum…. That was not my best answer” or “Arg! I should have answer something else, it would have been much better!”. You get to a point where every word you said is being overanalysed by your overheating brain.


I did well, I’m sure they will take me.

Since you are getting closer everyday to a real paranoia, you start thinking that overall, you did well and that they have no other choice but to give you a chance. A chance to show them what you can do, this is all you need, this is all you want. Well you had it already! It was your interview!


So here you go; going back and forth with your positive and negative thoughts until you stop sleeping at night. Well you know what? There is not much you can do after the interview! There is no need to stress about something you have no control over. Therefore, I decided to forget about my interview and concentrate on more important stuff; my family! I did right since I got the job after all 😉


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I love that feeling of being in an uncomfortable position. I feel alive while my emotions run amok.

Always liked your real life approach and appreciate the fact that you keep ads and advertisings from obstructing the reading experience.