October 15, 2007, 7:00 am

The Primerica Paradox: The Discussion

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Last week, I wrote about my first experience with Primerica and their incredible ability to convince people to work for them. However, I was about to encounter this company once again in my life. One of my friends quit his job to work for Primerica a short time before I went to that first meeting. A year had passed and he was still working for them, saying that he was building his own company within Primerica. As I do have the profile of a successful salesman, he approached me when he felt comfortable with the idea of recruiting a friend.

I was enthusiastic about speaking with one of my friends about Primerica as I figured that he would tell me the truth about how it works. The whole pyramid scheme was scary and I had a lot of questions. This question and answer session went on and on for over a year as it was very complicated to get an answer that would not lead to another question. So, here are most of the questions and answers we discussed.

What is Primerica, What is your purpose as a Primerica advisor?

– Our role is to help out other people with their financial needs. Too often, they are left alone as banks are only interested in selling their products and not helping clients. The population needs guidance with regards to their finances and we are there to provide them with great service. It usually starts with a protection plan including life insurance.

How do you make money? Do you have to sell insurance?

– Well FB, you make money by building a team of salesman that will help people with their financial situation by selling Primerica’s products. The system is pretty simple: my VP recruited me so he makes a cut on all my sales and my team’s sales. Then, when I recruit individuals at my level, I also make a cut on their sales and their team’s sales as well. You can earn a commission on a sale up to four levels below you. I should become a VP in two to three years. I’m already part of the top 5% of team leaders and I just became a regional director.

Becoming a VP within the next three years? What does this mean?

– To become a VP, you need to recruit a certain number of Primerica advisors directly related to you. Then, you simply have to reach your objectives in term of premiums, investments and other requirements.

So, who is selling if you concentrate on recruiting? What does the commission chart look like?

– The people you recruit will become your sales force and you will be making a part of their commissions as you are above them. The commission chart is below the market industry simply because you have the opportunity to recruit individuals and benefit from the pyramid-like system.

Okay, then how do you recruit people and find new clients?

– Everything is produced through the word-of-mouth approach. Basically, anybody with a deep feeling of entrepreneurship and a need to help people will be considered as a potential recruit. We are looking at people that want more than a small 9 to 5 job that they are looking for financial freedom and a better future. All clients are contacted through references. So you don’t need to make any cold calls. We sit down with you and help you out to draft a list of your main references. These will be your first clients. Then, you ask your clients for more references and you build your business this way. Word-of-mouth is the best publicity around and this is why we don’t need to advertise.

How can they efficiently offer financial products with such limited financial background?

– All Primerica Advisors attend the classes they need to complete before they can sell (we are talking about insurance and mutual fund licenses here). The whole team, especially the person who recruited you, is there to compliment your training. I usually go to the first five meetings with my new advisors and I show them how to explain our products, lead the conversations and close the deals. When they have a lot of potential, I can go to ten meetings with them. I always tell them “if you want to know how to swim, come and meet me on the other side of the river. Then, I’ll help you”. I believe in people who want to work and I will do everything possible to help them out in their careers with Primerica.

Are they making money while they are in training?

– They are not, as they are still in training, and they do not have their licenses. Therefore, it is only normal that the person who trains them earns the commission from their hard work. The training process is very important for their proper development. This will often make the difference if they will succeed or not. They look at it as an investment in their own business.

I think I got the picture, let’s chance the subject now; How come Primerica has such a bad reputation on Google?

– Not everybody understands how the company works or that they have to make extra efforts in self discipline as they don’t have any boss who will look over their shoulder to see if they are working. Many people are frustrated by Primerica but they should be frustrated about themselves. When you really understand what Primerica stands for, you understand that their system is simply beautiful.

Before I get to my own conclusion, I would appreciate to hear your feedback about Primerica and your own experiences with this company. Stay tuned this Friday as I will come out with my own perception of Primerica and their system. I’ll try to be as rational as possible

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Hi C.W.

It is very simple to understand. You see Primerica is made
up of people who care about what happens to people in their
finances. They are recruited into the business because they
feel the same way as the Reps who bring them into the
company. Which is people are constantly being taking advantage
of in their finances. Primerica wants to correct that injustice.
C.W. think about it, remember all that stuff in the news about
how the Wall street firms hurt America with their crooked ways.
Well after all the bailouts and stuff, these companies are out
there again doing the same misleading stuff that caused the
problems to begin with. Now all they do is slap a fancy name on
a bad product and keep on selling it to a very weary America.
That is exactly where Primerica comes in to fix that garbage.
So this way people never have to be taken advantage again. The
reason there is so much publicity about Primerica is if it is
good it is because somebody understood and got help from Primerica.
If it is bad publicity it is from the angry other companies and
agents who hate what Primerica stands for. Which is to help people
without charging a fee for it. The bad guys rape the American
consumer with fees and wrong products. That’s the difference, I
hope that helps you in your understanding better of why Primerica
is so much better for the American consumer.



by: Answer this | April 8th, 2010 (12:02 pm)

CW to get the “Anti-PFS” sentiment from former agents it may be a case of having to be a PFS agent and doing some outside education. From a first hand point of view many of their agents just don’t know what they don’t know and then we see posters such as rick come in and make a claim that they are out to save the world when in fact it’s about selling products and recruiting people. recruit to sell.

Some of us have a mindset of constant learning and considering other ideas. http://www.advisortoday.com/resources/home_life.html

No it’s not always about selling CV products.

It’s just a business, right A T? They are really just doing what is in Primericas best interest without realizing it. Right? Did I get that part right ? The sentiment thing I understand. Same thing is true if it were a burger joint vs burger joint blog. Or Chevy vs Ford. You won’t fully understand until you have worked for both. NOW I get it A T. Thanks for not chewing me up or being condescending.

Now Rick, will you please touch on one last point? What about other “termites” . Do other companies besides PFS offer any benefit to me the client? Specifically are there other good types of term insurance. I am certainly no fan of cash life (or cash value I think) because I had some of that shi* and had I kept it I woulda left 50k to my wife A-side 3 kids. Do independent reps have an advantage with multiple options?

Thanks all for your patience! Thanks Rick for your point of view.

Hi C.W.

I am happy to help you. I am also glad you are understanding it.

Now as far as Term insurance is concerned, that is also an
area that these fat cats at these big named and even the small
named firms screw people. What they do is trick you into a term
policy that changes into cash value later. It’s incredible what these bums do. So the bottom line is not all term is the same.
At least in Primerica you get the truth and a great term policy.
You never have to worry about getting screwed, besides that
the company has a checks and balances system in place to protect the client. That is what makes Primerica great.



To The Person Who Wrote- Answer This On 4/08/2010 @ 12:02 P. M.

First off, try using your name in a response.

Second, you have no idea what you are talking about.

Third, I am giving you facts not theory. So before you
go and blow your pie hole off, know what you are
talking about. Otherwise, just stay off the communication
line because you are wasting people’s time with your B.S.

Have A Good Day,


by: Answer This | April 8th, 2010 (4:42 pm)

Rick per your quote “What they do is trick you into a term
policy that changes into cash value later.” Are you saying there is a requirement to convert to a perm. product? Why is it comes down to name calling with some of you guys?

Which brings on another question. You say people are sold one thing without knowing about another issue. How do you justify selling a product beyond 20 years that from my current knowledge isn’t guaranteed. Do you inform your clients of the guarantee periods?

As always don’t believe anything I say. Do the research and if anything I say is wrong let me know. Something to consider is you guys argue for a company. We (Former PFSDer’s) stress what we can do as individuals for the client. If we feel a carrier isn’t a good fit for a client we can find one who is. Many of us came into the industry through PFS because we wanted to help people and it was not to be committed to a company. At the time PFS was the best and only game in town for the person who wanted to be part-tiem well that’s changed.

If PFS is your vehicle I say great and more power to you but if you come out acting like everyone else is out to club baby seals your going to be confronted. I represent many different carriers and none of them have a requirement to convert to a perm product. If they did I would only use them in the case of a impaired risk situation and they were a carrier of last resort.

Just so you know when you bring up the CV thing. I do have clients who stressed to me that they wanted to have a certain amount paid out at death whenever that may be. You see some people have gone through a death of a loved one and have seen first hand the possible issues of death and probate or whatever. Life events do happen and sometimes people have to use up savings. Term doesn’t work for that situation.

The facts are in the policies and the agent agreements. Here’s a homework assignment. Contact your local Pre-Paid legal rep. and compare the compensation, products and agent contracts and come back a tell us which program is better for you and/or the client?

Contact another Insurance marketing organization or General agent and ask them about compensation with Genworth LTC.. If I’m wrong about the contracts let me know. I have an open mind. I’m always looking to learn something new. Yes I could supply links but I don’t want TFB or anyone else to think I am doing any type of recruiting. It’s just information…

A T are you of the thought that I should not use Primerica as a vehicle to break into the business of financial services because i’d be “captive”? Are there other options hat will not cost thousands to start up?

by: representingtheclient | April 8th, 2010 (8:36 pm)

You are giviing up so much for this free or discounted license. Did someone post here that it cost $25.00 a month for software or accessing the site? And that you have to pay for your own brochures or flyers that you might want to leave with your clients? Are you sure you getting a good deal? I read it somewhere correct me if I am wrong.

To all of you who just don’t get it:

What most of you don’t realize is you are part of the problem not
the solution. That is only because your mindset is of poor
thinking. Some of you talk about how CV is good cause a
client said they wanted it. If the client really understood what
it truly is “TRASH VALUE” they would not buy it. But the putz
who sells it to them doesn’t care about them. That agent just
wants the commission because all they care about is the money. Shame on you JACKASS !!!!!

As for the people who say you have to buy brochures or pay a
$25.00 fee per month to service people. Stop it already !!!! You
look like a fool. If you took your head out of your butt you would
understand everything has a cost. The cost we have is worth it
to us and our client’s. Now grow up and get a life and stop wasting our time on your nonsense !!!!!

Also, for those that have been educated already by what has been shared on this site. If you don’t get it by now you never will.
Go and work for the slave drivers who will own you and discard you. Please do not join Primerica, because you just don’t get it.
All you are is a scared baby afraid of your own shadow. We
don’t have time to waste with you any more. Please leave the building and take your pathetic thoughts with you !!!!!

I have given you the facts and the truth. Some of you get it.
Some of you don’t. For those who don’t get it, I will pray for
your pathetic lives.

Have a great day to all !!!!!



Rick, 25.00 must be too much to run a financial services business for some. Lol. I’m surw the cost of marketing materials is zero for a “good” business person or agency as well. That’s a weak argument. At my job, there is a lot of “free” marketing as far as pamphleta go. But that just means it comes out of my commission, lol! You are OK in my book Mr Rick. Is there a website u could provide me with that will help me investigate further your “MLM scam”? (lol) I already have the hbw one…… Thanks for all of your input.


by: Answer This | April 9th, 2010 (2:40 pm)

CW it’s not so much the amount of $25.00. Agents can contract with carriers that provide software and sales materials for free. Yes and they do offer higher commissions. As I have posted on another page many PFS agents don’t understand or want to see compensation is different for selling the same products be inside or outside of PFS. As a individual agent many just don’t compare compensation. LTC is easy.
As for other products they never look at premiums and fees from a clients perspective. As you imply above, someone has to pay.

If an agent sells a product and is not paid renewals on that product that agent is paying a cost. Now if another agent sells the same product somewhere else and is paid renewals what’s the difference?

If one agent has their licensing subsidized but has to sign a noncompete clause and one who pays their own licensing cost but has no noncompete clause what is the potential true cost for each person.. It’s much more than just an issue of $25.00 and free brochures.. The kool-aid can be blinding..

What are you selling Answer this? Kool-aid is so sweet and bad for you. But folks that are racist have been using “kool-aid” to put people of color in a bad light for years. So you should know your audience and how they could respond to your well devised counter terms. So you know that insurance was invented in the same spirit? As a safely crafted way to preserve ones prejudices. Answer this: what is the difference between a slave and a servant? How each views his service, not what service he provides. That was a lesson by a person much wiser than you or I . I will drink that kool-aid all day and tell you drink it too. Let that truth set YOU free.

I obviously know its about more than the 25.00 dollars. It’s about truth and character and discerning what is best in a complicated world. Nothing Is perfect, not even in a society like America…..Id never live anywhere elsewhere and vehemently so! But whatever freedoms I enjoy here were bought with a cost. A cost others would not necessarily agree with in and out of the US. It’s one of those things you just live through, not explain. That’s life! Maybe you don’t understand the breadth of the situation. At some point we can escalate this to be MORE and all encompassing of every issue besides the blog. The kool-aid is thinking that highlighting a companies’ shortcomings is worth anything other than a kudos on a blog . I say get back to helping middle America to become educated on your industry. Without you, wr are lost and scattered about like sheep without a shepherd!

Stop correcting me and start making MORE OF A DIFFERENCE in the lives of people like me!

Hi C.W.

I am sorry you take all this so personally, however here are
the facts all your questions were answered in a responsible
manner. For some reason you do not accept the truth of an answer. You need to accept the truth and move on. Stop
your whinning it’s annoying. Just move on my friend. As far
as making a difference, I already did that for you. You just
seem to contradict yourself. You asked for answers and I
was kind enough to give them. Why are you so stuck with
getting the truth? You need to accept the truth and then
stop the rhetoric. Nobody is mad at you. Just trying to help
you understand. Everytime I give you answer of truth you go
to someone who counters with their opinion. You need to
accept who is telling the truth. I know I am. My conscience
is clear. I served you well. You just have’nt accepted that.



Hello C.W.






Hey C.W.

No, there is no website to look at.

I enjoyed my time with you.




sorry if you thought that I In any way talking to you in that last post. I was not. You have answered my questions in a professional manner. I appreciate you input. I am not. My comments were directed elsewhere and maybe I over reacted a bit. I know its not personal for anyone here and least of all you. Well not personal for most.

Anyway thanks all for the info. Happy selling.

by: Answer This | April 10th, 2010 (6:29 pm)

CW you yourself have said your not in the industry. Anyone who has been in the PFS fold and has left will tell you there is a big difference between the what is learned inside or outside. Inside PFS there is a quite a bit of rah, rah meetings said to be trainings. To see the real impact of what some of speak on can only be done first hand. So the kool-aid is still being served. Nice and cold…

You may not like some of the comments but facts are facts.. It’s just a discussion with a topic of Primerica.. At the very least people reading these post can research information and make an educated decision if they wish to purchase PFS products or join the business..

As for being professional let’s see what rick says

” Some of you talk about how CV is good cause a client said they wanted it. If the client really understood what it truly is “TRASH VALUE” they would not buy it. But the putz who sells it to them doesn’t care about them. That agent just wants the commission because all they care about is the money. Shame on you JACKASS !!!!!”

What this poster may not understand is the market the company wishes to target isn’t the market for perm. products. Sure they are sold to some where it may not be suitable but to too make such a broad statement shows a bit of a lack of product education.

Rick you say people may not have been educated well I’ll ask you this. Which I never get a answer. ALW/PFS has been around for over 30 years. where are all the people who they have helped become financially independent? I would think with the economic downturn they would have loads of people shouting how ALW/PFS has saved them. Where are they?? Yea , Yea I know the financial guru’s say buy term. well get this. When they say buy term they also tell people to shop different carriers.

First hand I have seen some people with dividend paying Whole life policies who are very happy. For some when the banks said no to a loan, their policies said yes. Try to replace that policy from a business owner..

To Answer This:

Here is your answer.

Do whatever you want !!!!!! The bottom line is uneducated people
get screwed. Anybody who borrows money from their TRASH Value policy is making a big mistake. You go figure out why.
I gave you plenty of information to help you. However, you are
still bent on this subject. So I will leave you alone to figure it out.
I do not have time to waste with you. By the way Do you own a
Cash Value policy? Do the agents who sell it own it? The
answer is NO ! It is funny how people who push trash value on
others don’t own it themselves. Now you go figure out why.
I got a life to live !!!!!!!! Also, one more thing, learn how to spell.



To C.W.

Thank you for clearing that up.
I do appreciate it. All is good.

Take care.



by: Answer This | April 11th, 2010 (10:57 pm)

No I don’t own a perm. product but if need be I can convert to one. Does is t really matter what an individual agent owns? Not everyone has the same need for the same products. It’s not like life is a one size fits all. So I ask you this if your looking at a situation of pension max or a client with a special needs are you only going to show them a term program?

Why is it many of the PFS posters go to name calling? It may not look good to others looking in..

Hey, A T if Primerica is misrepresenting itself as a saviour of Middle American families its hard for me to tell. My company (my job) has someone advising it financially speaking. Im sure they have had someone managing THEIR funds…… Meanwhile my 401k turned into a 201k in short order. I wish someone had gotten to me a few years ago with some investment strategies.

If Primerica is just a business doing what’s best for them (which I am convinced that it is NOT), they have a brilliant marketing strategy as far as this middleclass family is concerned.


Rick is right about one thing (among other things) : financial services has been gauging people for a long time with no reprisals. No one has admitted that outside of PFS agentson this blog…… It’s the plain old truth that has been danced around. Why would these companies have to take TARP funds (my brother is a local journalists and that’s what he called them) ? Did they help so many people that they went broke or did they screw so many that the debt overloaded consumer ran out of money. Primerica didn’t tell me that common sense did. Financial institutions have been around far longer then PFS. Who bears the larger burden for the last 30yrs? Not you specifically but BUG BUSINESS.! FATCATS! GREEDY INSURANCE AGENTS from the large, good ole boys clubs!
Just my opinion. Thanks.

by: Answer This | April 12th, 2010 (5:53 pm)

Looking at the whole picture of contracts, commissions and products compare to what’s available outside of PFS IMO it’s about business. To the agents it may not seem that way but for the market they are in there is a need for disability and or critical illness products and maybe a Fixed Indexed product. With their spin off these products may be coming but why did it take so long?

I’ve known it’s been asked before but if it’s ok to shop Home/Auto, why not Life? To Primerica it’s about business…. Just as you say you wish back in the day someone help you with financial knowledge what some of us are doing is giving people knowledge we had no clue of while at PFS..People can take it or leave it but at some point they are going to read their IBA or have to compare products..

The noncompete isn’t an issue until it hits someone in the face. Before I left PFS it wasn’t an issue to me either..The letter from legal changed all of that..

Hey PFS isn’t a scam or bad company.. I just think people should hear both sides of the story.. The crusade is about sales… The troops have to be motivated.. You say:

“If Primerica is just a business doing what’s best for them (which I am convinced that it is NOT), they have a brilliant marketing strategy as far as this middle class family is concerned.”

They do have brilliant marketing strategy..I agree, but consider this. The agents are independent contractors. They send massive amounts of people through the system currently from what I heard at $99.00 a pop. If people don’t go through with the licensing where does all of that money go? What about market materials? The individual agents pay for all that plus with some products take a hit on renewals.. When I was at PFS I had no clue LTC paid renewals to agents. I had no clue in some states agents could send in contractig paperwork and a clients application at the same time. I didn’t know agents could get a nonresident license on their own and sell in other state. I didn’t know I could sign with other marketing organizations and sell other products with my license..

My mindset was I thought all companies basically worked as PFS did.. Hey I didn’t know what I didn’t know.. I don’t blame PFS. I blame myself.. It’s business..

Do people really think the world of finance is as simple as the PFS people try to make it? Yes 401K’s became 201K’s, but some Annuity products and yes some W.L. or U.L products still kept going. At the very least for the person who likes to take an educated view of things financial it should at the very least make them go hmmmm..

Hey of course there’s still the point to be made I have no clue what I’m talking about..

Hi Answer This :

Very simple. And it is very simple. Because you have to
wait for approval to sell products to people. State laws
must be satisfied. The crusade is all about stopping
abuse and fraud not sales. Anybody who does not
follow through get their money refunded to them. Our
client’s are doing very well in our investments. They are
on target for retirement. Thanks !!!

To Answer This:

Where do you see name calling here?

I just post facts !



by: Answer This | April 17th, 2010 (11:55 am)

Putz: http://education.yahoo.com/reference/dictionary/entry/putz

Your words..

“I DON’T WANT TO GET A “PERM” !!!!! PUTZ !!!!!



To Answer This:

That’s not name calling ! Stating a fact you said is just that a fact.
Putz is not name calling either, just a fact.



This was an amazing blog to read. Not enough answers provided by team Primerica like WHERE ARE ALL THE PEOPLE THAT THEY HELP, WHERE ARE ALL THE PEOPLE THAT THEY HELP, WHERE ARE ALL THE PEOPLE THAT THEY HELP, WHERE ARE ALL THE PEOPLE THAT THEY HELP. Im sorry but i figured i would repeat the question since eyes tend to glaze over every time this question is asked. If they help people become debt free, then why not a fat book of all the families that they saved who are now millionaires as oppose to the book of agents who have become millionaires?

Hey Jalen:

We have millions of documented client’s that we have helped.
Also, we only divulge that information to people who get involved with us or become client’s. Reason being that is
classified information not for public view by law.

I hope this answers your very unclear question. Because we
at PRIMERICA are very clear ! As a matter of fact I have posted
many clear replies to all of the questions asked.

Take care of yourself.


by: Answer This | June 19th, 2010 (6:48 pm)

I don’t know if it’s true or not but I was informed by a former PFS agent that Virginia Carter http://www.womeninprimerica.com/public/womeninprimerica/women_primerica_carter.html

Has Passed. I met her years ago and listened to her story also to mention are Randell Walker amongst others.

RIP Ms. Carter…Beyond all the debates lets hope we all leave the world a better place for all we come across throughout our lives.

Even though I do have my personal issues with PFS I did meet and work with some good people while I was there.

by: Answer This | June 19th, 2010 (6:49 pm)

Oh one thing I forgot one thing. Can anyone verify the information I was told?

Yes, Ginny Carter has passed away. She was, and will continue to be, a huge inspiration to women. No matter what industry or field, her story of struggle and success for her family will motivate anyone into going for their dreams.

This debate over Primerica has been going on for decades.

I have been a Primerica Rep for more than 7 years. I have been making well over $300k per year for the last 3 years.

Here are some FUN FACTS for you to check out……….

FACT #1: A company in the USA CANNOT be a pyramid, scam, or multilevel AND licensed thru the State and Securities Exchange Commission at the same time. ALL PFS reps MUST be licensed and/or certified to market any product.

FACT #2: Warren Buffet (2nd richest man in the world) tried to buy them for $9 BILLION. (the guy knows a thing or 2 about successful business & investments).

FACT #3: Citigroup (the largest company of the face of the earth) has owned & controlled them since the early 90s.

FACT #4: Warburg Pincus (Bausch & Lomb, Neiman Marcus, Days Inn) spent over $12 million and 4 months investigating every nook and cranny of the company. After their investigation was over, they bought $230 million worth of Primerica stock when they went public April 1, 2010.

FACT #5: Primerica sold out of 22 million shares of stock at $15 per share before market open. That’s over 1/3 Billion dollars. It is now worth over $21 per share, or almost 1/2 a bBillion dollars.
Either they are the greatest scam artists ever to hit Wall Street, or the brilliant millionaire minds of the financial world know something you may not.

Also research the qualifications for ‘initial public offering’ on Wall street. See what a company has to be and have just to be approved in the 1st place.

FACT #6: A company CANNOT be a pyramid, scam, or multilevel AND be a publicly traded company at the same time.

I encourage anyone reading this to research everything I’ve said. Won’t be hard to find.

These facts are NOT opinion or based on my good/bad experience. They are FACT and are public record.

Truth is found in credible reliable sources, not blogs.

I do know that many of the bad experiences mentioned are valid. However, if they were the majority, would Warren Buffet, Warburg Pincus, and Wall street all sing the praises of this company to the tune of multi-million dollar investments??

Maybe you or these bloggers know better that they do……
Just get the right info from the right sources before making any decision.

Knowledge is power, but false knowledge breeds ignorance.

The war rages on over Primerica. There is a lot of bad rap on PFS for their recruiting/hiring practices. For the folks that say “traditional” insurance/financial services companies don’t recruit, it’s pretty obvious they’ve never had a resume on Monster with the word “sales” contained therein.
There was a period when my phone and inbox were flooded by Farmers, State Farm, and countless other insurance companies who wanted to “recruit” me to join their sales team. Of course, it was going to cost me $1500 to become fully licensed before I could start working there.

The difference maker is that Primerica offers the opportunity to go through the same instruction and training that the “traditional” institutions would offer, but they foot the bill.

So, yes, some people might try to recruit anything with a heartbeat. I’ve taken a different route with my business. I’d rather have someone’s commitment to show up on Monday nights and Saturday mornings, and put the time in to make their business work, than try to motivate someone who really doesn’t want to be there. Because the honest truth is, if you can’t commit four hours a week to spend with your team to get motivated to go into the field, then you really don’t belong here. And if, instead of spending your time achieving your goals, you blog about reps’ cars and why you didn’t take advantage of one of the greatest opportunities to ever come your way, then you’re definitely not ready for the business, and no amount of convincing will sway you. YOU have to make the decision.

The thing I love most about Primerica? If, for whatever reason I should fail to meet my goals and objectives that I’ve set for myself, it will be nobody’s fault but my own.

P.S. I drive a 2001 Chevy pickup. I will drive that truck until it falls apart on me, and then go out and buy a brand new one, cash. Because we Primericans teach an F.A. Hayek view of economics, and I’ll be damned if I don’t practice what I preach.

Haha! Recruits with real ‘potential’ have twice the amount of commissions taken out of their pocket! Amazing…

I get a kick out of all the fuss people make of a great company like PRIMERICA. It all comes down to this, Primerica is a very highly respected company by most business leaders. The only time Primerica may encounter a problem is if some idiot does something different than what the company teaches to do. This type of stupidity happens in all companies. Examples are, if a person in a McDonald’s screws up an order. Or a person playing Mickey Mouse or some other character at a Disney park makes a mistake and hits a child. Or some celebrity like Oprah
or any other famous personality goes off the deep end and does something they regret later. In all of this it just shows in life people are all human and make mistakes. The only difference is in Primerica we stand for what is right and if something went wrong, we fix it with professionalism.
Primerica is all about goodness and doing the right thing for people. It’s sad that some people have nothing else to do in their life, so they bash Primerica for no reason at all. These people are just ignorant fools who do nothing constructive in life so they bash a great company like Primerica. If you are a Primerica basher, just look in the mirror and their the truth is.
You only bash for what you do not understand, if you knew the truth you would state the truth. The facts are people that hate A great company like Primerica is because they have nothing else of purpose going on in their life. Instead of getting the facts like the fellow Chris who said nice things about Primerica. There is an old saying to ignorant people, it goes like this. If you
do not have anything nice to say then just say nothing at all. Bottom line is Primerica is great for all who understand it. If you do not know it or understand it learn it. You could change your life for the better. – Sincerely- Rick

by: Answer This | November 24th, 2010 (5:10 pm)

Primerica isn’t a bad company. The have their products and agents which are independent contractors sign an agent agreement. No one is twisting anyone’s are to join or not join Primerica.

Now just for a moment separate the company from the individual agent. Primerica is a stand alone company. The agent is an independent contractor which means they are not an employee but an individual business person.

Now as an individual business person they should I would think consider what’s in their best business interest. So why are agents so loyal to the Company when per the agent agreement the company is loyal to them self? Example:Captive, non-compete, RVP full-time requirement.

Now if you want to go into compensation just contact some other IMO’s and do the research. Primerica just might be a great company but that doesn’t mean you have a great contract. Primerica’s loyalty is to the shareholders. That’s business.

“Why are agents so loyal to the company…….” Answer this: Agents are loyal to the company for the same reason girls marry unattractive guys; HE TREATS THEM RIGHT AND THATS ALL THAT MATTERS! It wont matter how handsome another man (insert agent agreement or contract) is or how much MONEY ANOTHER GUY CAN BRING THEM. Its about synergy and free will and the awesome freedoms we have in America to CHOOSE. Freedom of speech allows the aforementioned woman to proclaim : ” My husband is the BEST HUSBAND IN THE WORLD!” despite his percieved “obvious shortcomings”. PRIMERICA IS ( ! ) a great company +just

Ask the investors who spent multiple millions on it (which I’m sure you don’t have to evenbargain with) The tactic that you’re trying to use is bordering on obsessive . I can tell you’re in the industry as competition for sure. Its quite transparent . Good day fellow.

by: Answer This | November 26th, 2010 (4:56 pm)

Christian have you compared products, compensation and agent contracts against other IMO’s? From what I have seen most agents are loyal because they don’t know any better. Then again how many recruits a month are they doing now? How many last year? Now how many are currently licensed? Recruit to sell.

Hey you do you. my loyalty is to my family, friends and clients first. Not to any one carrier. The loyalty factor is only really seen if you leave the company. Then you see it’s nothing but business. Hey what do I know?

I hear what you’re saying……

But: Its not about COMPARING ANYTHING! The wife of the “ugly” husband does not compare him to others for the same reason already mentioned in my last reply. None of that matters to her more than the fact that HE TREATS HER WELL. (PRIMERICA IS THE UGLY HUSBAND IN THIS EXAMPLE FOR CLARITY) So you are correct to state that people should do what they want. (“Hey you do you”) You’re obviously trying to make a point that you disagree with their reasons, right?

Look, you’re no expert on what’s best for everyone and neither am I. Thats why its called free will, which literally means: The ability to choose one’s actions, or determine what reasons are acceptable motivation for actions. If you know this to be true, then your primary motivating factor should be simply to educate. But the fact is that whether YOU LIKE IT OR NOT Primerica is a good company and the agents who choose to become a part of their SYSTEM OF DISTRIBUTION are making a good decision for their families . Who are we to question? Again free will.

Strength in numbers, “rah-rah”, spiritual nourishment, cultism, neurotic passion, boredom, distribution, leverage……. whatever their reasons it works for them, lol.

I hear what you’re saying, but do you hear me?

by: Answer This | November 28th, 2010 (5:54 pm)

Christian I hear what your saying but the difference is I also lived it. I know the difference between being inside of PFS and outside. One major difference is I have met other agents with other companies and can talk but once I left PFS none of the PFS people remained in contacted. No not even my RVP.

To make it big in PFS it’s not about helping families, it’s about recruiting and getting to that recruits warm market. If you say I’m wrong ask your RVP which is more important making a sale or recruiting from a new recruits warm market.

I have been there and done it.. It wasn’t so much as what I was telling clients it was what I wasn’t telling them. What do you tell a client who has a limited amount of money to use for insurance and they ask you is that the most coverage they can get? AT PFS you have to answer “Yes” (only from PFS), but you can’t tell them if they shopped they could possibly get more coverage for less or the same amount of money. You see what messed me up is a family member asked me that question and I did some research. Was my loyalty to the company or my family member. The company lost…

I hear you because I was once a PFS agent. PFS isn’t a bad company or a scam just understand as an independent contractor there are other options. Have you ever asked yourself why agents that are RVP and above leave the company? The goal is to reach RVP so why do some leave?

I really enjoyed your writing. The topic is one I have been trying to get info on.

PFS focuses far too much on sucking people in with dreaming big and recruiting. Keep it simple: hire folks who are dedicated to the job.

If Primerica is bad then where are the angry customers???