September 11, 2008, 6:00 am

The Perfect Drug

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Career
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I am now writing those lines and I am smiling at my computer… People are looking at me as I was crazy. “Who would smile at a computer anyway? He’s not even watching The Family Guy!”. I am smiling because I am thinking about what was said at my branch a few minutes ago: “This is the best drug ever”. Yes, it was said in a financial planner office, my office. We were completing documents for a deal that has just been signed and we were thinking about the feeling of closing.

This was not my first one and it will definitely not be the last one. However, the feeling of doing your job well becomes more fulfilling day after day. In fact, the more you close, the more you want deals. It is definitely like a drug.

This drug is called passion. I found that you can’t succeed without it and that it as an exponential power. Actually, passion is probably close to the power of compounding interest. To more it grow, the better it is!

Well I really don’t care if you are a good salesman!

That is probably what some of you are thinking about this article. I would first say that I understand your point (I wouldn’t care either!) but this post is not about selling something. In fact, I truly believe that I find great solutions for my clients and I am useful to them. If I help somebody in his personal finance and I make money, this is a win-win situation. This is how deals should be done in any working field.

Find your passion

My point is simple; if you are looking to make more money, find your passion and go for it. Passion is the only drug that will keep you awake late at night, that will give you enough strength to walk the extra miles and that will put a smile on your face at the end of day (all that without destroying your body!). I find that there are too many people that are unhappy at work because they getup in the morning for the pay check only.

You can’t live from your passion?

I am well aware that there is a lot of passion that have not much earning potential. However, this could become your perfect source of alternative income. I truly believe that everything is marketable and that if one is doing something with passion, it will automatically result into a strong and original result.

Once you find your passion, I am telling you, there is nothing to stop you!

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