January 20, 2009, 6:00 am

The MBA Cycle Part3 – Not yet done

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: MBA
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The last 2 semesters have been pretty demanding. However, it was not because they required more work than the others. Actually, the summer semester required less work than the first two. On the other side, it was very demanding in term of motivation and time schedule. I don’t know if you went to school during summer time but there is nothing worst than having to open a 600 pages book in your basement when it’s sunny and warm outside!

Vacations were my worst enemy for the last 2 semesters. Summer time and now the Holidays completely destroyed the discipline I gained during the beginning of the MBA program. When you start a MBA, you must setup a study schedule and stick to it. You life is already filled without school, so if skip a few days in your schedule, it will be very hard to get back on track.

So this is where I created another way to manage my time. It is call Planning to be late. Since I knew I was going to be late to my regular schedule, I had “catch-up days” scheduled as well. I was getting a few days off by my employers since I was doing my MBA so I spread them in order to be on time with everything.

In my case, lack of motivation is deadly. Even considering all my projects in the same time, I am a very lazy person. I actually only work when I am passionate about something. If I don’t feel the fire, I just open my TV and beat the hell out of the Toronto Maple Leafs on my Playstation (sorry guys from Ontario but I just can’t stand your hockey team 😉 ).

The problem with fire is that… it burns! So when you don’t have anything to feed it, it gradually stops. This is what happened to me recently. I never been good at marathon, and the MBA is a big one.

So I had to find new motivation in order to finish this thing. I found 2 important ones:

#1 I can’t let my teamwork down

Some of them actually became good friend of mine and I will keep working hard in the name of friendship and respect

#2 I’m almost done; let just finish it and go on

I can’t stand people that start something and don’t finish it. Since I try to be logical (most of the time), I will finish my MBA the way I started it; with good marks!!

There are still a lot of things to learn from the MBA program and I am glad that one of the class I have right now is probably my favourite of all of them (it’s a PR class). So I will keep going and giving you more updates in the upcoming months!

If there is anything you want to know, please comment or send me an email at thefinancialblogger at gmail dot com.

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Keep it up TFB, you are alllllllllmost done!!!

It’s not easy studying for your MBA while working, watching a bit of hockey and having a family and a minimum of a social life!!! It takes lots of sacrifices, motivation and will!! You can do it!!

Ohh and hey, don’t forget the best:

#3: I will get my 3 letters on my business card 😉

by: The Financial Blogger | January 21st, 2009 (9:42 pm)


you are so damn right 😀
funny enough how 3 letters can become so important for some people…. anyway, if you can’t beat them, join them 😉