January 15, 2009, 6:39 am

The MBA Cycle Part1

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I’m almost done with my MBA program! I actually finish my present session at the beginning of March and I will have only 2 classes left (plus my team project). Things are going pretty fast after Christmas as I have 2 MBA weekends in January, 1 in February and my exams during the first week of March. For those who are thinking about doing an MBA, this 3 parts articles could be very useful as to know what to expect in term of emotions during these 2 (or 3) years.


The very first feeling that I got when I opened my admission letter was excitement. I was so happy to go back to school, eager to learn new stuff and to meet my classmates. At that time, I really wanted to become a manager (I don’t know anymore, but that will be discussed in another post!).

1st semester:

Waking up, stress and long nights

During my first weekend, I hit a wall and I think most people did. We were dragged from our regular job to school and its “obsession” for page to be read and page to be written.

I remember my first teacher (whose job was obviously to discourage a few people in order to make the class more fit for the rest) asked for a 6 to 10 pages paper by next weekend. So I write 10 pages thinking I was doing something good since it was the maximum pages permitted. It actually appeared that 10 pages was the minimum number of pages that he was expected!! I ended up with 75%. I can tell you that the second paper, I did a 23 pages paper plus annexes… and I got 95%.

This period was also rough for my family. We all had to adapt with our two young kids (Amy was only 1 month old when I started) and my job. This is why I didn’t sleep much the first three months, trying to bring everything together and hold it in one piece! I was working during the day, playing with my kids and spending time with my wife during the evening and at 10PM, I was starting my MBA work until midnight… or 1AM.

Luckily for me, I had decided to take a week of vacation before my end of term exams. This was one of the longest weeks I took since I had a lot to do in so little time!

The first semester was a great challenge but it was also very motivating. We built a strong team spirit (that has been one of our strongest points since the very beginning), we learned to accommodate each other and negotiate in order to keep piece among us. At the end of it, I just couldn’t wait to get my marks!!

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Sorry, it was an MBA program right? Masters of Business Administration?

I guess.. then I have to question why he asked for more than 10 pages. All the business classes I ever attended wanted me to get to the point, and if I could do it in less than 10 pages, we got points for it, rather than if we rambled on for 30 pages. We actually got deducted points for going over the limit the professor set.

They told me that in business (and I’ve found it to be true) that if you can’t get to the point, and lay out a convincing, solid argument with as few words as possible, then you’re not meant for business.

It’s just strange to me that a business professor would ask for more…. 🙂

Fabulously Broke in the City
Just a girl trying to find a balance between being a Shopaholic and a Saver.

Very interesting TFB, I am actually looking into doing a MBA starting next September, do you think any preparation could have helped with the adaptation?

by: The Financial Blogger | January 15th, 2009 (9:54 pm)

Fabulously Broke,
You are right about being short and sweet when you talk about business.
However, this teacher was taking care of human behavior class. It makes more sens to expect pages and pages from such teacher 😉

I’d say that you better have a MBA schedule established before starting it. You need to be able to spot time where you will be able to read and write your papers.

Talking to your classmates makes it easier. You would be impressed to see how people from other banks became great ally while being competitors in the day to day life 😉

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