February 11, 2008, 7:00 am

The Market Engine Is About To Restart Again

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Sometimes, the market is like an old car. You are driving fast on the highway, everything is beautiful and you don’t even look at the engine light flashing on your board. You keep driving even though you see smoke going out of your hood. You are almost at destination, so why bother? This is where the engine says he has enough and you have to stop on the roadside. You will not only loose a lot of time but it might be very costly to put your car back on the road. Fortunately for you, the market engine is about to restart!




This is definitely a period of high volatility. If you can’t sleep at night because the market is going up and down, then wait until it become stable again. For those who don’t mind having more spices on their plate, this could be a good entry point for you. The recent dips could create great buying opportunities on many levels.


Both the US and the Canadian government are getting very implicated in order help the economy bouncing back. Over the years, they have become more proactive and they certainly do everything in their power in order to avoid a huge recession. Therefore, interest rate should continue to drop and people should start buying again. I wish I would see them saving for once, but that is another story!


While you will always find economist to predict the end of the worlds, I prefer to trust those who says that it is not so bad. Most recessions are coming with a 15% to 20% loss on the market. Then, we are almost at 15% considering the TSX. Therefore, the laws of statistics are telling us that we are about to stop suffering and start getting good returns again. I would say that 2008 will not be the best year to invest but that 2009 will definitely be a good year for investors.



We will luckily learn from our mistakes and banks will become stricter when it comes down to lend for a mortgage. In an ideal world, people will start saving again in prediction of their retirement. Unfortunately, too many people think that the government will do something for them once they start working. Please, don’t be part of them and gather you money over the next months so you can be ready to go back on  the highway once your engine restarts!



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