January 18, 2008, 7:00 am

The Little Book That Makes You Rich Review

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Two weeks ago, I received a package addressed to Frugal Trader (from milliondollarjourney.com) but with my own address obviously. I opened it up and what did I find inside? The Little Book That Makes You Rich By Louis Navellier! Is is a sign of destiny? Will this book really going to make me rich?

Before reading the book and writing this review, I asked FT if I could keep and he accepted. So I want to thank him for letting me reading this great book.

Who is Louis Navellier?

Forgive my ignorance but I had absolutely no clue who he was before opening his book. After reading the preface where he claims that this little pocket book will make money for money when I’m sleeping, I decided to do further research on the character. After all, one having such pretension must have a pretty strong background to back it up.

In fact, Louis Navellier has been in the investment industry for the past 27 years. He is one of Wall Street s renowned growth investors, with a track record of beating the market 4-to-1. Pretty impressive, isn’t?

What is the main idea?

The main idea of this book is to share an investment strategy (another one!). Mr. Navellier picked-up 8 main fundamentals that he and his team are evaluating on 5,000 stocks on a weekly basis. Here are the fundamentals:

– Positive earning revision

– Positive earning surprises

– Increasing sales growth

– Expanding operating margins

– Strong cash flow

– Earnings growth

– Positive earning momentum

– High return on equity (ROE)

While he walks us through his height fundamentals, he provides us with live example of stocks with charts and grids. For those who hate technical stuff, this book was written for you. Everything is well explained without going into the hardcore details of financials.

What keeps you reading?

Easy to read, easy to carry, easy to understand. This book is almost perfect! Have two kids, a MBA, a regular day job, a blog and other projects on the go… oops! I forgot my wife 😉 I don’t have much time to read. However, this book kept my attention from the very first page… but for the wrong reason: They spelled the author names differently in the foreword section (Louie vs Louis).

Seriously, this small book goes straight to the point with 10 pages chapters, explaining different financial concepts with an easy to understand approach. Reading this book was as great as drinking a nice bottle of wine: even though the wine making behind your bottle is highly complex, drinking it is a smooth an enjoyable process!

Are we going somewhere with it?

Hell yeah baby! In fact, once you have read the book (you can buy it online here), you can go on Louis’ website (www.getrichwithgrowth.com) and you will get a free access to his 5,000 stocks data bank. Each of them is rated according to his 8 fundamentals. Therefore, is it pretty easy for you to use your new knowledge combined with his information to pick the right stock for your portfolio.

Now that I am done reading the book, I’ll go ahead and try his strategy with a fake portfolio. Who knows, I might end up virtually rich?

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Glad you enjoyed the book. Consider it a late Christmas gift. 🙂

by: The Financial Blogger | January 18th, 2008 (9:17 pm)

thx again MDJ!