April 20, 2010, 4:29 am

The Jobs I Have Had So Far Part 4: Working in a Bank

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Hey! Where is part 3? It’s because I did a guest post on the Dough Roller. So if you want to read more about what I have learned working for my dad, you can go see it there.

Last week, I started to talk about my job experiences. I am still at the beginning of my career (remember, I’m only 28) but I had the opportunity to run into a few great job experiences so far. It doesn’t matter if you are young, old or if you had many jobs or just one, what really matters is that if you are learning something while you are there!

After quitting my job because of “conflict of personalities” I felt relieved. I must admit it was one of my biggest power trips to simply drop the bomb on my manager’s desk the next Monday morning. I felt like I was somebody. Someone that can actually look straight in the mirror and be proud of himself. I was a man.

And so, once you have quit, there is no turning back. I was left with no job and no references in the very small world of finance industry. Yeah… maybe not my best career move (my friends told me so as well ;-)). But I just couldn’t stand working in a place where I don’t feel appreciated.

Two weeks later, I had another job… at the same bank! LOL! The guy who hired me was the father of a cute little girl attending daycare where my girlfriend (now wife) worked. I was hired on that basis (so he told me):

“You’re girlfriend is the most competent educator I have met and my daughter loves her. If she has been with you for so many years, I guess that you are probably not that stupid”.

And believe me, I am not exaggerating, this is exactly how I got hired!

Learning so much from one man

This guy was turned out to be a great mentor during 4 years of my young career. He told me everything that I need to know to get promotions, to climb the corporate latter and to earn a nice pay check.

He spent hours coaching me on my way of working, on my way of behaving and how to support upper management when it’s required and when to argue when it is useful.

During that short period of time (4 years) I got 3 promotions and the bank paid for my MBA. I won many employee awards and recognition. I also worked my a$$ off, not counting my hours, burned unexploited (and unknown) sources of energy. In short, here’s what this man taught me:

#1 Being productive

#2 Prioritize my work so I focus on what is important

#3 Shut my mouth when it’s time

#4 Open it… when it’s time

#5 If I want a promotion, do that job without the title and the pay check. They will have to give it to you at one point

#6 Lower my expectations (in term of numbers or delays)

#7 Deliver the maximum (and get a huge achievement bonus!)

#8 Makes allies in every department, it’s always useful!

I had a lot of fun in this department and I guess this is why I stayed so long. However, I did have to quit at one point. How come? Well, this will be discussed in my next article 😉

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