June 16, 2011, 6:00 am

The Importance of Always Delivering

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Always Delivering Value
Do you have that one friend that always offers the world and then delivers nothing? Don’t you hate it when you receive an amazing offer and then there’s no follow up? Don’t you wish more people kept their promises?

This is what I wanted to discuss today. I hate when someone doesn’t take a promise seriously. If you say you’re going to do something then you better do it. Unless you have a really good excuse. Empty promises will just make you look bad.

What’s the importance of always delivering?

People can rely on you.

If you always deliver, the people around you will rely on you. This applies to your family, friends, clients, online friends, readers, and business partners. When you don’t follow up or deliver as promised people will learn to not rely on you. When people don’t rely on you, they won’t take you seriously. I’ve noticed over the years how people come to this site because they rely on Mike to share real tips from growing his business. Once people rely on you, they’ll start to promote you. Then you slowly become more reliable over time. This is extremely beneficial to real life and business.

You become a trusted person.

Once people rely on you they’ll eventually start to build trust with you. Trust is a unique connection. When trust is involved people listen to what you have to say. When it comes to friends, I only consider those that I trust to be great friends. When it comes to business, I only buy from those that I truly trust. I trust Ramit Sethi of IWTYTBR. Whenever he releases a new post or a new product I listen because he’s built up a solid reputation over the past few years. Trusted people will always benefit in the long run.

You eventually become an expert.

It seems like most perceived experts on certain topics are people that we trust and can rely on. I know that if I want to learn anything about making money online I can trust Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income. His posts are reliable and I trust that he’ll be honest with everything that puts up. Once you become the most trusted and reliable source of information in a particular niche it seems like you’re bound to become an expert in no time.

Now that we understand the importance of always delivering, let’s look at the other side. What can happen when you don’t deliver? What if you give an empty promise by accident?

You lose friends.

How can you consider someone a good friend if you can’t trust them? When you don’t deliver you become inconsistent. At that point you might start losing friends. Nobody wants to associate with someone that builds up a reputation for being unreliable.

You lose clients/readers.

Your readers/clients will eventually notice when you make empty promises. I’ve been guilty of this before. Sometimes I get too excited and put more on my plate then I could handle by any means. When you don’t deliver what you promise you’ll eventually lose clients and even readers on your blog.

Your word means nothing.

If you’ve seen the movie Scarface you know how much importance is placed on your word. Your word becomes worthless when you give it and don’t deliver. Would you be okay knowing that people don’t take your word seriously?

At the end of the day I believe in always offering and delivering quality work. This doesn’t matter what you’re doing.You can benefit from delivering (and over-delivering) in every area of your life. Your friends will appreciate you more because they know that they can rely on you. Your co-workers will want to associate with you because they trust you. Potential clients will likely buy from you because they know that you’re consistent with delivering on your promises.

Have you guys ever stopped following someone or lost a friend because they didn’t deliver on their promises? Have you ever messed up yourself in this area?

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This is incredibly important to remember. It comes down to integrity and conducting yourself in a professional manner at all times with everyone. You never know when someone you are dealing with will be in a position to assist you in some way.

I lost a friend of nearly 20 years over this. The guy stepped out of line and I called him out on something. My statement was I need you to apologize to my wife. He swore up and down he would call her as soon as we hung up. Her phone never rang, we haven’t spoke since.

Both in personal life and blog life we’ve experienced some of what you discuss here.

We have a close friend who 9 times out of 10 doesn’t deliver. We do TRUST here (with information) but not to be reliable. She wants to be part of our (on the way) child’s life but eventually we’re going to have to tell her that she either commits to being there when she says 98% of the time, or, she won’t get the role she covets.

As for our blog life. I posted my goals for 2011 for our blog early in the year. Most bloggers seem to do so. I had no idea, being newer to writing, how much work it would be to meet both the goals for our blog I put forth and what we were going to to do, and subsequently write about, from our personal lives.

We simply over extended ourselves and ultimately had to decide where our priorities lie. We are comfortable with our decision but I do feel that I am not fulfilling the promises I made to our readers (e.g. we didn’t get the garden boxes built – so no veg garden this year, and we didn’t end up attempting the 100 mil diet this summer). I hope we haven’t disappointed too many.

This true in the business world too! It is being dependable, responsible and reliable.