April 23, 2008, 6:00 am

The Financial Chaos Theory Applied

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When I was writing The Financial Chaos Theory yesterday, I didn’t think it was really clear enough. This is why I decided to find example of people that went through financial difficulties, kept their focus, and finished with a much better financial situation. They did it because they decided to attack one problem at a time thinking that they were able to climb over this mountain of problems and worries.


Example #1

In the same week, one of my friends had a car accident and lost her job. She had just finished school and had a ton of student loans to pay off, 2 months or rent overdue and a few bills here and there on her kitchen table. She was so depressed that she was ready to fall apart and cry her blood out.

We sat down together and we looked at her situation. We decided to solve one problem at a time. She first called her creditors in order to explain the situation and get arrangement with them. In order to pay off her debts, she decided to work two jobs during summer so she could clear up all her late payments. At the end of this summer, one job led her to meet her new boyfriend and the other job led her to get a good position in a company where she loves to work for.

Everything happened in a span of twelve months. It would have been easy to get depressed and let everything go. Instead, she dove into her own chaos to find the answers she was looking for. In the end, all the little pieces that didn’t seem to fit together were there to bring her to a better future.

Example #2

My friend and his girlfriend have two children and they have been living in an apartment for a while. They finally plied up enough money to buy a house a few years ago. He lost his job six month after he bought that house. At the same time, his car broke down and there was no way to get it start again. His girlfriend was on the verge of depression and stopped working for a few weeks.

Money was not coming in at all and he was already thinking of losing his truck and his house. Then, this is where he decided to apply everywhere in order to get a job as fast as possible. He finally find out a 3 months contract in the same field he used to work. While many people thought that they would have to restart the whole circus of finding a job only three months after, he decided to start working and hope for the best.

This contract led him to a promotion where he now makes more than he used to be with better work condition. In addition to that, he received a settlement from his previous job that allowed him and his girlfriend to buy a new car and reduce their payment by refinancing both car loans. Today, he is still living in his house with his family 😀

So I hope that these two examples inspired you and convinced you that no matter what kind of mud you are into, there is always a way to come out of it cleaner ;-D



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Financial karma of sorts. An interesting idea. I certainly agree with your general point. There’s usually good in bad (and bad in good).


Dorian Wales

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