November 15, 2010, 5:00 am

Why Do We Have TGIF?

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I have a lot of time to think as I drive 1 hour each way to and from work every day. Since I got tired of listening to my iPod, I thought of trying the radio. The morning man is cool and the guys in the afternoon do crazy things. But they made me realize something; they become ecstatic because it’s Friday and they even have a song about Monday being the worst day of the week. The funniest part is that I believe they really like their jobs, but they do this because most people don’t.

When you come to work on a Friday morning and you ask people how they are doing, some people will always answer something like “It’s going well, after all it’s Friday”. Only a few hours left…before the weekend. So my question this morning; Why do we have to hate our jobs so much? Why do we have Thank God It’s Friday?

Do You Hate Your Job?

My guess is you don’t *hate* your job. But my question is more related to why are you so looking forward to the weekend? What is so boring about your job that you must wait 5 days to spend 2 short days running around trying to do too many things all at the same time?

I think that we should not be living only for the weekends. I think that our weekends should be everyday. Our alarm clock should sound like the melody of a new day…and not like the Grinch who stole your dreams!

Your job is too hard, you are too stressed, or there is this dumbass that appears to be your colleague that does only things that bother you. I guess we all have our problems at work… as we all have problems in life anyways, right?

How can you make your life more fun?

That is probably the question! It’s not that easy you will answer me. But in fact, it should be. About a year ago, I made some decisions in my life. I made the following points as non-negotiable:

–         being happy in my life

–         being happy at work

–         doing what I like at my conditions

–         having more time for me and my family

You might want to tell me that it’s easier said than done. Or that I was lucky to be able to change my working conditions. However, I can tell you something; if you believe you are worth it, it is because you are worth it. And if you do, you won’t have problems to change your working conditions.

What if I really can’t?

You can’t change the way your job works? You have to go to work each day or you will lose it? Maybe it’s time to think of another plan. I have seen a documentary about my species lately (generation Y) and there was a young entrepreneur that was saying something so true:

“We work every single day. We don’t have work weeks nor weekends. However, while we are working everyday, we feel like it’s Saturday.”

Feeling likes it’s Saturday… everyday. Could there be a better way to say that you love what you do? I almost feel this way. And one day, I would like to feel it all week long.

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I always think about this. The radio hosts go wild on Friday and get all excited for the weekend. Then doing on my way home from early morning workout the host was all depressed. Not sure why?

I’ve come to appreciate every day as being unique. I’ve had more fun going out for drinks on a Monday night (not too packed) then I did on Saturdays where everyone is out and everything is rammed.

I think that it’s all about mind control. I want to live a life where I love what I do. Not dread a Monday.

@ MD,
I actually like Mondays, they are the day of the week where you go for a new start. This is when I plan my week and get all excited about the good things that may come during that week. Each day is interesting.

Funny enough, I go for a beer with friends on Tuesdays instead of Thursdays 😉

I love the weekends, but I don`t hate the weekdays.Sounds strange? It isn`t. I like everyday, I like my work, and I feel like everyday it is going to bring something new and exciting in my life. Is not what we do that is important, is what we feel about doing it. My opinion…

Well said – I don’t know how much of it is just following along with other complaints but it does seem that a lot of people are making bad compromises. I’m currently working on dumping a client – either my largest or second-largest this year depending on the month – because once I do my business will no longer feel like work 🙂

I’ve also made a lot of changes to enjoy myself more in the last year, like you. It may slow my business growth but if I can consider myself semi-retired by next year I won’t notice. First I tried strictly limiting myself to certain times to work, but then after reading Why Work Sucks I’ve become more flexible while still respecting business and family needs all the time. After all there are tuesday mornings when the stores are empty and wednesday evenings when I’m alone.

I don’t go for “balance” as much as “integration” – I don’t expect my wife to be fascinated by the work I do but at the start of the year I joined a small peer group for business advice and I always have a good time around those people in addition to learning things that would have taken 10 more years of experience to figure out.

Do you honestly believe that there are enough enjoyable jobs out there that each person could wake up and look in the mirror and think “If money were no object I would still go to work today”.


I guess you are going to tell me that some people don’t have the choice and they have to work no matter what. But I still think that if you don’t like your job, you should do something about it. not wanting to go to work for 35 years seems way too long for me!

I don’t think it just that people hate their jobs. Weekends feel like a relief! Being in one place for 8-9 hours/day can drain anybody. Your colleagues become your new family, and you start to miss your actual family. I TGIF because it gives me time to do things I was too tired/busy to do during the week. I love my job, but I also love the weekends 🙂

Mondays also aren’t the worst days to me. For the most part it’s Tuesdays, and I’m not sure why. Tuesdays are just soooo busy!

No, what I’m saying is that there are only so many great jobs to go around. Then there are some more that are not really hate-worthy. Then there are a bunch of jobs that just plain old suck. Someone has to do them all.

How many people would answer yes to the question of “If you won the 50 million Lotto, would you continue working your current job?”. I would be willing to bed not many, and I know the answer to 100% of the 10 people in my lotto pool.

This is kind of silly statement. I enjoy my job, but I still look forward to the weekend. I can spend more time with family and friends. I can cut loose and not have to worry about getting up at a particular hour.

Let’s put it this way, do you look forward to your vacations? Think of a weekend as a mini vacation.


Well I’m not sure I would keep my job if I had 50M$ either ;-). However, I think that there are great jobs for everybody. I know people who are supper happy to lesser paid jobs and some that hates their highly paid and supposely interesting job.

I actually consdier my job very exciting and most of my colleagues keep whinning about a bunch of stuff each time I meet them in a congress…

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