April 27, 2010, 4:54 am

Home Security System Deal: Shopping for the Best Home Security System Reliance Protectron

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Now that I have sold my house, I will be moving into my new home in about 7 weeks. When big changes happen in your life, you should always look closer at your situation to make sure everything is fine. This is when I realized that I didn’t have a home security system at my current house and that having an alarm system could be a great advantage. On top of that, the house we are buying already has the wiring for a home security system installed!

2 major reasons to have a home security system:

I never thought of having a home security system until recently. However, as I am buying a bigger house with nicer furniture (and ton of electronics inside!), I am thinking that securing my house with an alarm system may not be a bad idea.

Another point is that I am leaving the classic suburbs to live on 35,000 square feet land. Therefore, you have less neighbours (that was the point!) but you also have less witnesses if someone tries to break in. So in order to secure my house and protect my goods, I have decided to consider a home security system. It actually doesn’t do much when burglars break in but they may think twice before picking my house (and should target an “easier” house to attack).

The second reason why I am considering a security system is to save money on my home insurance. Having an alarm system will help drop my insurance bill. So it is like an additional rebate on the actual price of the alarm system.

Speaking of rebate, I  found a great offer on Reliance Protectron home security system:

Reliance Protectron $100 rebate limited offer

For a limited time, Protectron, the largest home security provider in Canada, is offering a rebate of $100 on the purchase of a home security system.

I have made my research and Reliance Protectron Security System offer a tons a benefits:

#1 Protectron is a leader in the home security system industry. Therefore, you benefit from great expertise and a professional service.

#2 They offer several ancillary services such as Reliance Protectron renowned remote monitoring service, unparalleled service and after-sales support anywhere in Canada.

#3 If you are looking for other forms of protection, Reliance Protectron Homes Services offer protection against home invasion, fire, intrusion as long with other additional protections (water damage, dangerous gases, etc.).

#4 Reliance Protectron offer a $100 if you sign today

So this is what I did. The first step is to complete a small form with name and phone number so a representative can call you and offer you a quick, free evaluation. I really like when companies offer such service so you can keep shopping around for your home security systems and get free quotes while sitting in your home.

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Thanks for the post. You reminded me of my dad and step-mom, and the challenges they had with their new alarm about 10 years ago. It was when she stopped working and was home alone a lot more in the day time. Anyway, I think it took about a month before everyone knew how it worked and was able to set it properly so id didn’t sound the alarm when you left the house.
Good time:)

Thanks for sharing,

My parents were the same way! After our house got broken into 10 years ago, my mother was terrified that the burglars would come back. So as a result, my parents got an alarm system installed. Let me tell you, the alarm got set off MANY times. Either someone forgetting to turn off the motion sensors or opening a door or window when the alarm was still on. After a while we got the hang of it though. It was a learning curve for sure.

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