February 8, 2011, 5:00 am

TFB Monthly Income Report

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I told you that I was opening my doors. In fact, yesterday, I told you that The Financial Blogger is becoming an Open House. Today, I understand the fear of my 3 year old daughter, Amy, the very first time she put on a swimsuit and approached the municipal pool. She was standing on the edge, her eyes wide open staring at me and she was goddamn afraid to jump. This is how I feel this morning; like a little girl about to jump into the huge swimming pool for adults!

But I must stand up for what I say and start sharing the biggest secrets any blogger has: his online income statement month by month!

January is my first “official” month with full staff. I hired one VA back in October and another in November but the second person was completing her training for the past 2 months. So, we are starting the year full force with a team ready to crush 2011!

In my monthly income report, I will count what I have received in cash in my company bank account instead of considering what I made. For example, Adsense for January is in fact the money I have received from Google for the month of December.

I will also separate my monthly income report in 3 categories:

#1 Adsense (you all know what it is about!)

#2 Affiliate programs and Deal Brokerage (money I make by selling other people’s products such as Questrade accounts, FX brokers or Market Samurai for example. Deal brokerage is small part ).

#3 Private advertising (this could be banners, posts, freelance work… basically anything that comes through my mailbox!)

So here we go!

Adsense income: $2,104.76

This was a very slow month for Adsense as December is always bad for traffic. Between December 23rd and the 31st, I always see my traffic stats down by 30% on all my sites (and down by 50% on Xmas and New Year’s Eve!). This is why we are off to such a slow start in 2011 with Adsense. The month of January is much better… we’ll talk about it in March 😉



#2 Affiliate Programs and Brokerage Deal: $1,847.82

The bulk of this month is coming from a deal I made in the internet marketing industry. I was able to brokerage an interesting deal for a few months and I have received the proceeds in January. I hope to get a check from Questrade, Market Samurai and another one from INO in February.

#3 Private Advertising: 3674.09

This is always a great chunk of our business. We renewed some banners and widgets this month, this helped a lot.

Total for the Month of January: $7,626.67$

While I am happy, I am not ecstatic either. My goal is to average 10K per month by June. In order to achieve this, I seriously think that I will have to launch my own products… which is a work in progress ;-). We are also developing niche websites (I’ll tell you more about it later on) so I guess I’ll be able to count coin from another source of revenue shortly 😉

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Well, you beat our $24 😉
Great work.

Awesome stats. So you’re looking at things strictly on a cash flow basis and not an accounting basis, and this is across all the sites, correct? Will you also be sharing the expenses? It would be interesting to see how much you get to keep after all is said and done.

I left a comment on your last post, but I’ve got another question: Everyone writes that content is king and that without content, nobody will read, etc.

Do you believe that? I know some people write only for Google, that they more posts they have, the more popular they become in Google’s eyes, so they don’t care how dry and boring it is for the readers.

Both are important, but do you ever sacrifice quality in order to stuff a few extra keywords in there? Do you write about what will be popular in Google or what people will be interested in?

Wow! Thanks for opening the doors…and the books! Adsense is a funny thing. I pay for ads using adsense to promote my online retail site keenbeam.com where I sell flashlights. I pay per click but I don’t fully trust that all clicks are necessarily real live human beings. Many clicks just hit the site for less than 2 seconds and only visit one page. My ad outlines the brands I carry so I expect people that will click the ad are interested in one of these brands and will stay longer than two seconds. A rough guess would be that out of all the clicks on my ads only 5% actually browse. Maybe this is telling me I need to improve my storefront?!

Amazing stats. Good luck on your push to $10K/month. For a newbie blogger, do you have advice on which stream to concentrate on tapping first or should I try and make headway on all three (Adsense, affiliates, privates ads) ?

Sustainable PF, you made me laugh. Too funny. 🙂

by: The Financial Blogger | February 8th, 2011 (9:20 pm)

you are the best 😉 No worried, I stared with lower than $24 per month!

@ Invest it Wisely,
I keep track of cash… my accountant takes care of the rest 😉
Here’s the detail of my projected expenses for 2011:

@ Daniel,
this is actually a very interesting question. I’ll write a full article on that. It deserve a full post 😉

@Buck Inspire,
right upfront, I would say: don’t even monetize your site. Work on building traffic only. Money will come later on. This should not be one of your goal right now…

I had the same question as Daniel. I am not making much with adsense, added it two months back. I waited to hit a traffic goal (that I came up out of thin air 🙂 )to add any advertisements. Don’t know if it is a good move or a bad one. Regarding affiliate marketing, do you sort of review those products and throw in the links there or when you write your regular posts you use those links? I feel I could make my affiliate marketing a little better but I am horrible.

PS: I am a regular reader but don’t comment much as I download all the blogs I like and read offline while commuting. But I am taking your advice and going to comment on all my favorite blogs now. You might see more annoying questions from me as I have a lot 🙂

Nice stats and good luck towards 10K/month!
But is’nt not allowed to show your Adsense revenue?

Love the blog!

Nicely done ! 🙂 keep up the good work.


You’re killing the $500 I made last month on yesiamcheap. I love seeing that you are not relying on just one revenue source. I see lots of people recommending Market Samurai but it doesn’t fit either of my genres so I have to find another decent performing affiliate program.

Wow, I think that’s fantastic! How many sites contributed to this total? How long have you been building up these sites? Should I be buying sites? 😉

Great stats! I love that you’re not happy with your results this month and have a plan for expanding. I’m looking forward to hearing more about the niche sites. I have a few going now, and I’m trying to do 1 mini-site per month to create some side income besides my blog.

by: The Financial Blogger | February 10th, 2011 (8:33 am)

you are not allowed to share stats (CTR, ecpm, impressions) but total income from several sites put together is not an issue 😉

I suggest you go read the following post that explain our company’s structure;

this is a great idea. I am currently working on niche site too. I’ll produce some articles on it later on.

nice to see you around 😉
affiliate marketing is pretty hard. they make it seem easy but it’s hard to convert your readers into buyers 😉

Great advice, thanks. 🙂 What metrics do you use to track your traffic progress?

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Thanks so much for sharing all of the juicy details! I’ll look forward to hearing more about these breakdowns as the months go on! Thanks for the tips you’ve shared recently on Yakezie! Very helpful about SEO.

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Oh ok! 🙂
That’s good to know!

I just use Google Analytics. on my next monthly income, I’ll report my finance blog traffic as well 😉

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Maybe I’ve missed it somewhere else (and you can say if I have), but do you have ghost writers that you hire or staff writers? Also, with the direct advertisers, do you approach them or visa versa?

by: The Financial Blogger | February 15th, 2011 (4:42 am)

@Beating Broke,

I do have staff writers. I actually wrote a full post on all my expenses:

I never contact advertisers, they are the one who are contacting me via my advertising page.

Amazing numbers.
10K is nice goal, hope you’ll reach it soon.
I just made 1K in one month first time ever: http://smartproblog.com/monthly-income-report-january-2012/