November 14, 2011, 5:00 am

TFB 5th Anniversary – iPad Giveaway!

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Back in November 2006, I was sitting in front of my computer and doing something of high importance.


I didn’t know back then how it would turn out. So, I innocently clicked the “publish” button for the very first time on November 15th 2006 at 10:45 am. This post was more than ordinary, it sucked. On top of that, my English writing skills were horrible too. But there was more to come from The Financial Blogger…


This simple motion created a huge mushroom effect and has resulted in a 1,337 posts blog with 10,143 comments, 982,418 visits and (most importantly) $271,202.34 made online, so far!!! (from March 2008 to October 2011)


But back in 2006, my blog was nothing. Nothing more than some kind of a bet to prove to my friend that I was able to keep up with steady work and was worthy to partner with.


He had doubts.


Big time.


I actually can’t blame him as many people fail online everyday.


He thought I was no different than the others asking him to partner with him, a proven online mogul.


He asked me to blindly follow him. To open my first site and to start writing. He wanted me to learn the hard way.


What’s the hard way? It’s when you check out your Analytics at the end of the day and you have 4 visits… 3 of them coming from your own computer and 1 coming from a spambot.


The hard way is to write for 6 months before hitting your first day with 100+ visits. Waiting 2 years before making any kind of money. You read that right, I had to write 397 articles before I cashed my first online dollar.


It’s funny how it seems easy now to make $10,000 in a month from my online business right? I guess you read my blog income report thinking that you would be able to do it if you had access to the same network. I guess this is why it is so important to remember how it all started:


With faith and passion and NO INCOME!


That’s all you need (oh… and LOTS of patience!). Today, there is a lot more competition but there are lots of resources as well. I see “young” bloggers succeeding much faster than I did and often stop at one point because they are burned out. Because blogging ain’t that easy and requires a lot of willpower to keep going. But I’m sure you can do it ;-).


Dude, Where’s the iPad Giveaway?


Nope, it wasn’t just a catchy title, I’m definitely giving an iPad to one of you 😉


How can you win? It’s pretty easy:


You must be a newsletter subscriber at the time of the draw (December 1st)

You can sign-up here:



25 Entries for telling me what is your favorite post on TFB. Here are a few suggestions:

How I run multiples blogs and makes money without burning out

Blogging Reality Check

The Dream Crashers

My blog Income Report

Hitting 6 Figures Income at 28

How I Get a Huge Income Raise Each Year

Making $125K Online in 12 months

How I Buy Blogs

Most Debated Articles: The Primerica Saga

How I Have Survived My MBA



10 Entries for telling me what you like best about TFB


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I can’t wait to read your comments!!!

You have until December 1st to participate.



BONUS: I lied to You, I’m giving away TWO iPADS!

There is another giveaway at The Dividend Guy Blog


Make sure to participate in both!

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Favorite post – Blogging Reality Check

What I like best – For me, it is the sense of authentic I find in each of your posts. I really believe you are happy doing what you are doing and even more impressive you want to help people replicate it.

The Dream Crashers- I’m telling my inner DC to get lost right now

Best about TFB- you’re real and don’t put me to sleep like a lot of financial advice books do

I’m sure that I won’t be the only one to say that your blog income reports are my favorite posts. They definitely keep me motivated, and I love the fact that you give tips as well.

What I like best is that you are so transparent. Looking at your mistakes, successes, and methods has definitely helped me!

I tweeted about the giveaway as well:!/KNSFINANCIAL/status/137344929042145281

* like best the transparency of your income reports, and the resulting highlights of the expense reports. It helps provide both sides of the question, and reality for those who want to make money blogging.

* My favorite post is actually the ones about how you talk about the costs of VAs, and how you utilize them in running your business. That takes guts spending tens of thousands a year and reinvesting everything in the sites!

* Been a reader, commenter, and subscriber already for the past couple years. We’ve had some good discussions haven’t we?!

* Sent a Tweet.

Best, Sam

1. is my favorite
2. I like that your site teaches/inspires me

1. As a new reader to your blog, I liked reading your income report because I’m very interested in how people make money online w/ their blogs!

2. I like that you tell me what you do so I can understand how I can do the same things!

[…] giveaway at The Dividend Guy and at The Financial Blogger. Two chances to win. Go, now,  what are you waiting on.  If you win both, please send me […]


I subscribed to the newsletter.

I tweeted the contest!

I liked “hitting 6 figured income at 28”

Congrats on the anniversary, TFB!

I RTed! My favorite post is this one, for reminding us that it takes a lot of hard work. I also like as another commentator mentioned.

What I like best about TFB is sharing the info and inspiring the rest of us to do more!

Woah… I’m new here and blown away. Excellent content. So far, How I Buy Blogs and How I Survived My MBA are my favorite.

favourite post – Making $125K Online in 12 months

what I like best about your blog is that you tell it like it is, you don’t hold anything back

[…] Financial Blogger is giving away an iPad!  He’s actually giving away two; enter at The Dividend Guy Blog as well by December 1st.  […]

Happy Anniversary!

– Teacher Man’s guest post from earlier this year struck a chord, because I really wish we would have covered some personal finance basics in school:

– I like seeing your plan to handle lifestyle inflation. One of my goals for 2012 is to save or donate 50% of my take-home income. If I can live on less in an area with a high cost of living, I’ll be able to save faster! Two goals that will be funded with those savings are my debt-free wedding and my debt-free graduate degree.

i really like the post of hitting 6 figure income at 28. very inspiring for us 20 somethings to see your success and your innovations!

what i like most about tfb….the simple layout. and the advice blogs!

I tweeted about the contest @MoneyQandA

How I run multiples blogs and makes money without burning out is one of my favorite posts. This is something that I personally struggle with as well and the post really resonates.

favorite article.. How I got 3 Salary Increases in less than 12 Months (and how I have 2 potential salary raises in the next 6 months!)

I like your honesty, and letting us know what you did right and wrong

I like the post Running Multiple blogs…etc.
( )

Just subscribed to your email newsletter and tweeted about this contest from Debt_Princess

I really like learning about ways I can make money online, whether it’s with niche sites or blogging or an ebook. Thanks for laying out there for us all to read.

I liked your blog “How I have survived my MBA”. I like the variety in your writing.

I will tweet also.

my favorite post is the blog income report … because I’m nosy and I like to know ‘real’ numbers 🙂

what I like best about TFB is that you discuss many of the same issues that are on my mind — how to make money online, run multiple sites, avoid burnout, and strike a balance between putting up ads vs. growing readers


My favorite article, or articles, were the Primerica Saga, because I have been through that myself. We did it as a help to someone who was training with them and then the trainer tried to guilt us into buying their product. When that didn’t work then he tried to get my husband to work with them. LOL.

What I like best about TFB is that you write in a very straightforward, relatable manner. And your posts aren’t incredibly long or boring 🙂

Happy Anniversary TFB, There are several posts that I really like, but my favorite is “How I run multiples blogs and makes money without burning out” When my blogs grow up I hope to be almost like you..Thanks for sharing all your information.

PS. I also tweeted.

What I like best about TFB is that every time I visit this site, I learn something new, like running several blogs, making money, tips on saving money, budgeting etc… It’s like getting a degree in personal finance for free… 🙂

by: Bernie Klunder | November 28th, 2011 (12:44 pm)

I thoroughly enjoy your blog…thanks!

My favorite article is “How I run multiples blogs and makes money without burning out” – I find that your ability to do so much without burning out is admirable. I know that if I were to do so much at once, I’d certainly burn out.


What I like best is that you write in a way which is straightforward and easily understandable! Thank you!

“Making $125K Online in 12 months” is my favorite post. It’s quite honest about the fact that it’s hard to make money online, and you’re not going to get a quick and easy fortune that way.

What I like best about TFB is that you go into the various difficulties of making and saving money, and what to do about them.

This is where I retweeted about this a while ago:!/alee67/status/136132330367623168

I tried to subscribe to the newsletter by submitting my info, but I have not receive an e-mail notification or confirmation link.

What I like about TFB is the blog post on How I run multiples blogs and makes money without burning out.

A writing schedule is always important and of course, hiring virtual assistants to handle the advert and blog promotion activity.