June 8, 2010, 5:26 am

I’m a Techno Retarded Blogger

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Picture this : Have you ever met a Dentist who doesn’t know how an electric toothbrush works? Or a mechanic who barely know how to drive? Well, my friends, I am probably the only blogger who is techno retarded!

I’m not very proud of this “achievement” L. Actually, I realized this just a few days ago when I was talking with my partner (the techno guy 😉 ). At that time, I realized how easy small applications were to use and how they could change the way I work and improve my productivity.

During our weekend in Quebec City, he showed me 3 of them. The first one (you are going to laugh) is Google documents. I had heard about it but never took the time to actually take a look at how convenient it is to have all your word and excel documents in an online version. Better than that, you can share those documents with others and they can edit them at the same time as you do. I know, most of you already knew that, but I was quite amazed by this tool ;-).

The second tool I will try is Google reader. Man, proof-positive that I really am retarded! Instead of using Reader to look at my favorite blogs, I have them bookmarked and open then in different tabs. I thought this was fast…

But the most important thing is that I had never used Skype before! Man, it took me 5 minutes to install and configure… very easy process and I can now chat with all the bloggers around the world… for free! Definitely, I  need to attend a techno fair at least once a year.

The funniest part is not that I wasn’t using these simple applications. Fact is, I was just too lazy to take a look at them. However, the basic skill I lack, which  demonstrates my incompetence as a blogger, is the fact that I could never be able to install something as easy as WordPress for a new blog. I feel like the only blogger who doesn’t know one single html code!

On the other hand, this lends to asking questions that would not be asked by someone who has a code background and therefore, we sometimes push our ideas a little bit further. Since I don’t know what can be done or what can’t be done, I just send my ideas to my friend by email and tell him that it would be cool to do this, that or the other thing.

So even if you are retarded (or just plain slow), you can still do it!

This article leads to one major point; even if you are weak at something, it doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve what you want. I had always thought that working on my strengths and finding people that can help do what I can’t, would lead me further forward in life.  That this would be better than simply trying to learn everything that I need to know when I want to start a project. The beauty of our company is that my friend has a skill set completely different from mine. Therefore, we are really strong as a team while individually we gravitate towards mediocrity ;-).

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Actually, not sure it’s as rare as you think. I think we all have to rely on our partners and it’s good that both of you can share what you know. Skype might be the more mainstream out of the 3 but even then… If everyone knew about it, I’m not sure traditional phone lines would be as popular…

Why pay 10$ or more extra each month when you can plug a phone to your skype connection for almost no fee (and get your own number.. so no difference except on your bill)…

I’m sure you could learn the tech side of things easily if you spent the time on it.

However, there is nothing wrong with focussing on writing/promotion etc. Way too many bloggers waste time coming up with the perfect site design and they don’t have any readers.

I can’t believe you never used an RSS reader before. 🙂 Google isn’t the only one by the way althoug it’s a perfectly good choice.

How much time do you spend on techno part of your business then TFB?

That’s funny.

I thought I was a Luddite because I don’t text or use twitter, or facebook much. But a blogger who doesn’t use a reader!

Google Docs I haven’t tried. I did check it a long time ago, but it didn’t seem great and I’m a little scared of having files out in the ether.

If your company was public, I would buy some stock. Being this successful without have the basic tools I can just imagine that now you’ll be twice as good (or you’ll be distracted because Reader can suck in 500 posts for you to read each day and hot European girls will offer to talk with you on Skype)

It’s funny because I am the complete opposite. I live and breath tech but when it comes to my blog I decided to not focus on the tech but rather content. Otherwise I’ll get sidetracked on creating tech.

I have found Google Docs to be simply amazing because everything is accessible from anywhere. You can easily share documents with someone else and contribute. (It’s missing advance features over Excel though)

I have installed Skype but I have found that I could not be bothered with sitting at the computer to talk or buying all the equipment necessary. (I don’t even have a webcam – except on the laptop.) The cost of long distance is so cheap now at 4 cents per minute anywhere.

@ BMSP, I don’t spend time on it as I have a marvelous partner 😉

@ Goal Hunter, I’ll let you know when we go public and how it is going with my new russian wife that I mwt with skype 😉

I used to do the blog in tabs thing too, but there’s no way I would be able to keep up with everything now without using reader. The downside is that I sometimes miss good posts because they got lost in the mass.

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