April 18, 2011, 5:00 am

Talent + Work… What is Missing?

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athleteWe all know someone who is successful. It can be your best friend, parent, neighbor, sport idol or the guy on the TV at the moment. You might be envious, jealous or just wondering how these people can make it that far. Those who think it’s related to just luck, you are definitely wrong. People make their own luck, good or bad (as they create an empire or their own burnout). There are 3 common factors that most successful people have: Talent, Work and…what is missing?

Let’s start with Talent first!
The funniest part is that you don’t need much talent as opposed to what most people think. You don’t need to be an expert to write a book, you just need to know more than the guy next door. That’s true for most fields you would like to be successful in. Being “good” at something is usually enough to make you go further. The fact that you are better than the average Joe in something makes easier for you to shine a little and this is usually the starting point of a great success story.

Work… man you gotta work!

This is, in my opinion, the biggest factor in any equation for success. People who work hard and work well are rewarded. To illustrate this point, I’ll use my own example. Back in high school, I didn’t have to study and average 90% in each course from geography to history passing through math, French and sciences. Then, just before University, my marks were strong enough to get me anywhere I wanted. All that without working much. You could say that at that time, my success was due to talent. I was good at school, period. However, when I started University classes, the whole ball game changed. I started to see B’s and C’s and my GPA after 2 sessions was 2.77! I still understood everything during classes but I thought I could sit back comfortably on my talent and get my way through with A’s… I was darn wrong! One of my friends was getting very impressive marks one after the other. I can’t say he was smarter than me but I can tell you that he was serious and worked hard on his stuff… and he was rewarded for it!

Talent + Work = Success… really?

This is where I think something is missing. Some people are successful without the third factor so we could think that talent + hard work is enough. We may think that people with a little bit more talent push their success higher as they can only play on these 2 variables. But I think there is a third one. The factor makes the whole game different for those who include it in their own success equation. This factor is called: FUN.

Talent + Work + FUN = Success

Why having fun is so important? Because life is boring if you just wake up at 7am in the morning, take your shower and coffee, go to work, work 8-10 hours, return home, watch tv and hit the sack… until the next day. Life is pretty boring if you design it that way even if you are talented at something and work hard every day.

However, if you have FUN, if you LOVE what you do, if you FOLLOW YOUR PASSION, then, and only then, the sky is the limit. The reason why I am currently building an online empire and that I was able to make $12,000 in a single month is because I’m having fun doing it. It is not because I am talented (I can’t even write proper English!). It is not because I work that hard (I work hard, but I know a lot of people putting way more hours than me into their projects). It is because I’m having so much fun working on my computer, writing and creating. I wake up each morning at 4h30 and the very first thing I do is that I look at my blogs. I go on forums, read my fellow bloggers. This is what motivates me the most. I constantly think about my company not because I need to work on it all the time but because I just LOVE what I do.

If you are asking me what is my equation for success I would say:

FUN + Work + Talent… in that order ;-D

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I couldn’t agree more with your post. I started my blog, promptretirment, as a simple way to document my success. I never thought that I would have a single reader or that people would visit. Now I’m getting more and more pageviews and reader every single day. I haven’t monetized it yet but in the future I would like to do so while still providing value. It won’t be easy but I’ve never had this much fun blogging.

-Ravi Gupta

You’re an inspiration to me, so I’ll buy it if you say it. I still think luck is important, but I agree with you that luck comes to those prepared for it!

@Perfecting PArenthood,
Luck is always more apparent when people are successful as you see their success and you are not aware of their previous failures (due to bad luck?). I see luck as a booster to any projects but not as a main component.

You are right; making money blogging won’t be easy. However, it can be possible! Keep it up!

The problem with talent is that it’s not everybody that reacts well when it isn’t enough anymore.

I think your experience shows that to go from talent to talent+work, you need to be true to yourself and be able to honestly say you’ve hit a wall. Only then can someone start finding ways to improve your life as you did.

I also think it’s important to have a good support environment. It can be your spouse, family or friend. Someone that can make you realize your stalling when you can’t see it for yourself.

Good post, makes for a great discussion starter about self assessment.

i would have added desire and dedication – but i suppose you can lump that into fun, and for that matter persistence as well . . . because any worthwhile venture takes time to manifest into your vision for it