June 3, 2009, 5:31 am

Survival Guide to a MBA Part3: Surviving WITH your family

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Doing a MBA is certainly a challenge in term of time management as you also have the rest of your life going around you. Unfortunately, the world doesn’t stop turning when you sign off your application to the program! From my own experience, your biggest challenge while doing a MBA is to take care of your wife and kids.

Make sure everybody knows what is coming for you

When you do a MBA with a family, you are not the only one doing a master in the household. Everybody does! Kids will have to understand that you are studying on Saturday morning while they are watching cartoons and want you to play with them.

Your spouse will probably be the person who will be the most affected by it. She will have to take care of the children by her own and occupy most of her weekend (I was in class a weekend every 3 weeks) by her own. This could create a distance between you and your spouse. As you might miss a few diners or other activities, this won’t help to get yourselves together.

I always said that my wife was doing 25% of my MBA by her own. She is not only taking care of the house and the children but she also brings me support and motivation. She is the one who tells me that I should keep working and studying when I don’t feel like it. This was a really big part during my MBA.

Make sure to create nice moments

You will need, once in a while to more present with your family and create special moments with them. Take them to activities; take your wife out for a nice dinner just the two of you. You will feel burnt sometimes, but the routine will kill much more than the energy that you will burn organizing a few things.

The important part is to keep doing stuff outside work and outside your MBA. And if you can travel in order to disconnect completely, this would probably the best thing you could ever do. I consider that you can probably spend more than usual as you will make more with a MBA 😉 hahaha! Seriously, I am not convinced about that so don’t take my word for it ;-).

If you start, don’t quit

I won’t lie, doing a MBA is really hard on a couple. You will be tempted to quit at one point or another. But if you do, you will have done all those efforts for nothing. Keep working and go through it. I am thinking of quitting this program for the past 6 months! Nonetheless, I keep doing it because I don’t want to have done all of this for nothing. Today, I am 1 class away (that is starting this weekend L ) to finish my MBA. I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. No more reading, no more researches, no more teamwork…. No more weekends away from the one I love. The good news about the MBA is that it has an end 😉

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When I was working on my designation courses I found I had to focus time on my family. The program was a challenge.

I’m now doing CFP courses partly for interest purposes (although I can challenge the CFP exam). I find I am better equipped to manage my time.